Broken, Scarred, and Torn

Lix is the most unpopular girl in her school. Everyone hates her for something she didn't do.

Louis Tomlinson, international popstar. Just broke up with Eleanor Calder. Single.


1. Status Single

My life changed one day oout of the blue. It was so unexpected even Griffin The Alien Unicorn for MIB III!


   I was walking to my house for band practice. My band is called Status Single, because we are all single. It's me. LixSimmons, Markice Bron, Jamicun Barber, and my brother Mason. It's me and the boys. We had ebtered a BATTLE OF THE BANDS and needed extra practice so we practiced in my garage every day. I played drums and bass, but we already have a drummer. Mason is a drummer and he's awesome at it! So I was walking home and Mason got us an audition for the X Factor, and I was freaking out.



             That was a year ago, we won the X Factor and are on our first tour! It's called Static. I play bass, Mason plays drums, Jami (Jamicun) plays electric guitar, and Mark plays accoustic. Sometimes on personal songs I'lll play piano. But never do we play personal songs. I'm too afraid too anymore. Well, the boys were onstage and I was lowering on to the stage. I'm also the lead singer so... Well I was on my platform and I looked into the audience. I saw tons of fans,  holding signs. One sign was facebook themed. It said : "Relationship Status:Single. See THAT MASON! " Since all the boys call me L, the MC guy said "And here is... L Simmons! Staus Single!"They did some sort of role call thing, in age order so. It was "Mason!" "Jami!" "Mark!" "L" (A/N For the sake of the story Little Mix does not exist!)  "sTATUS sINGLEsinging DNA!" While we sang it I felt a nag in the audience, while we were answering Tweets, I saw a tweet that made me shocked. "@Louis_Tomlinson seat 1D: Are you from Earth? DO YOU LIKE CARROTS? Do you have a boyfriend? "Yes, Yes, and yes. " Then we did a personal song. (a/n Pretend they wrote "Your Not Sorry" by Taylor cSwift.)  I was pplaying the song and I started to sing. "All this time I've been wasting hopin you would come around." As I sang through the song, I remembered who it was about. "This song was about you, and you know who you are!" I said after finishing the song. Louis smiled and then gave me an evil smirk.

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