Why did i Fall?

Skylar didnt think that she would fall for Zayn Malik, but she did and she fell hard. Waiting to see if he feels the same way she deals with heartbreak, bullying, and not only her ex but a complete Stalker too...


12. Where am I?

*Zayns POV*

     About a hour later i saw Jason walk through the door and a huge ray of light hit my face hit my eyes making me squint. I asked him where i was and all he did was smirk. And it made me mad if i wasn't tied down i would've pounded his face in. 


"Not just yet I'm waiting for Skylar to answer my question." he said smirking.

"What was the question?" i said trying to stay calm.

"Well it wasn't really a question more of a decision." he said taking his time to answer.

"Well out with it you tosser!" i yelled.

"The decision was if she ever wanted to see you again either she kisses me or becomes my girlfriend again." he said smirking.

"You know for a fact that she wont do either of those things." i said trying to hide the fact that what he just said hurt me.

"Well then she will never see you again and you wont see her and you will never get to make your move and ask her out." he said smirking once more.

i stood quite trying to figure out how he found out about what i was going to do. Was it because one of his friends told him, he saw what was in the bag, or was it because he just knew that i liked her and was going to ask her out.

"Surprised that i know that pretty boy because your pretty quite right now."he said with a twisted smile on his face." he said moving closer to me.

"Not really. I'm pretty sure everyone knew that i liked Skylar and that i was going to ask her out today and I'm pretty sure that's why you did this today so you can have more time to move in on Sky even though you know that she will never go back out with you." i said smirking.

"Thats true and if she doesn't kiss me or be my girlfriend again she will never see you again." he said once again moving closer and closer.

"Can you just get to the point and tell me where i am now!"i said wishing i could punch him but i cant since im tired down.

"You're in the abandoned sneaker factory." he said laughing.

"Okay and why don't you just do Sky and me a favor and stay the fuck away from us." i said secretly cutting through the ropes with my pocket knife.

"Stay away? Noooo I cant do that because Sky would miss me too much." he said smirking.

"Well when you untie me im going to kick your ass and leave back to Sky." i said almost done cutting the rope.

"I doubt you're going to get out and either way i can take you."he said a little to confident.

"really because when we were fighting i was winning until Scott came in and helped you." i said finally getting though the ropes but holding them so he wont notice.

"Sure then you did but now-" i cut him off.




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