Why did i Fall?

Skylar didnt think that she would fall for Zayn Malik, but she did and she fell hard. Waiting to see if he feels the same way she deals with heartbreak, bullying, and not only her ex but a complete Stalker too...


11. What the hell happened?!?!

*Zayns POV*


      I woke up this morning so excited and nervous to go to school i was finally going to tell Sky how i felt. i am determined to get to school early so i can go to her locker and surprise her in the cutest way in the world. i was going to fill her locker with her favorite candies and rose petals then i was going to walk up behind her with a single rose and tell her how i feel and ask her if she will be my girlfriend. i ran to get into my car knowing that i have to get there fill her locker and wait for her to get there and knowing Sky she always gets there early so she can hang out with her friends and copy algebra homework. As soon as i walk through the doors i see Jason standing by Sky's locker i walked up to her locker unlocking it thanks to Aimee giving me Sky's locker combo. Jason instantly slams the locker shut. 


"Shes not your girlfriend dude get over your self do you honestly think she will go back to you after you made her life a living hell and ruined her life so many times." I said back to him dropping the bag getting ready to punch this asshole in the face.

"She will after today..." he smirked stepping closer.

"You may scare Sky but you don't scare me you prick." i said stepping closer

"You don't know what I'm capable of Zayn so i suggest you back off." he said shoving me.

"Neither do you." i said shoving him back.

"THAT'S IT I CANT STAND ANY MORE OF THIS!!!" he said punching me in the stomach. i doubled over in pain but i wasn't going to let one punch stop me. i ran into his stomach making him fall over i sat on his stomach punching him repeatedly in the face. i felt hands on my shoulders dragging me off of him. i turned around seeing it was Jason's friend Scott. Jason jumped up and punched me in the face and Scott threw me into the lockers hitting my head and i blacked out.

~3 hours later~

i woke up in a room, it looked like a basement but i couldn't really see anything because the lights were off. All i could was the bag of stuff i was going to put in Sky's locker and the light from a small digital clock showing it was 1 in the afternoon. School should be ending soon and i will soon learn what the hell happened...

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