Why did i Fall?

Skylar didnt think that she would fall for Zayn Malik, but she did and she fell hard. Waiting to see if he feels the same way she deals with heartbreak, bullying, and not only her ex but a complete Stalker too...


2. The Hit

I left Zayn go to the restroom then got another beer. I was almost to the bathroom when I blacked out.

I heard  a familiar voice yelling at me. I then woke up to find Natalie standing in front of me saying "Stay away from Zayn he's mine!!!" she then threw her drink in my face and stormed off. I see Zayn running up to me helping me up.

"What happened?!?"

"Natalie knocked me out and threw her drink on my face" i say sparing him what she said to me so he wouldn't get protective and say something to her.

"Are you okay?" he said.

"I'm fine, I can take a hit" i joked

"Maybe i should get you out of here and back to your cousins house." 

I nod grab my coat and took Zayn's hand in mine as he walks me home


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