Why did i Fall?

Skylar didnt think that she would fall for Zayn Malik, but she did and she fell hard. Waiting to see if he feels the same way she deals with heartbreak, bullying, and not only her ex but a complete Stalker too...


13. The Fight

*Jasons POV*

I couldn't stand it any more he was just aggravating me so much him making snide comments and his attitude to me. He was acting like a little bitch and thats exactly what im going to make him feel like. my thoughts were interrupted by Zayn pouncing on me i stumbled back i tried catching my balance, i couldn't i fell to the floor.

*Zayns POV* 

I jumped on him making him fall back. i couldn't take it anymore he has kept me from Sky too long. And i need to know that shes okay and that he hasn't done anything to her. i was on top of him punching him and bashing his head into the cement flooring. He went unconscious and i tied him up where i was sitting.

*Jasons POV*.

Everything went black, i felt myself being picked up sat down and i went into a deep sleep. When i woke Zayn was standing in front of me i glared at him.

"What the fuck are you staring at you tosser!" i growled.

"Just a helpless douchebag who needs to get a life and stop harassing his ex." he snapped.

"Feisty are we?" i cocked my head to the side smirking.

""For now i should be just fine when i get home." he said turning around leaving me tied up.

"Oh and by the way i got rid of everything you could use to cut your self out of those ropes and someone will show up to feed you until you've learned your lesson and will leave me and Sky alone." he said leaving 

When i heard his car start i started screaming for help but them i remembered i sound proofed the room so no one would hear Zayn screaming for help. 



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