Why did i Fall?

Skylar didnt think that she would fall for Zayn Malik, but she did and she fell hard. Waiting to see if he feels the same way she deals with heartbreak, bullying, and not only her ex but a complete Stalker too...


6. Chasing Her Down

Zayns POV

I chased after her wanting to know if i did anything wrong. When i finally caught up to her she tried running again, but before she could get away i grabbed her arm spinning her around making her fall, but before she hit the ground i caught her in my arms. I held her in my arms staring into her blueish gray eyes. It felt like we were the only two in the world. I was awaken from my daydream by someone hitting me across the face. i lifted her up to her feet as i saw who hit me. I didn't recognize the guy he scoffed "This is the guy you dumped me for. Ha!" it was her ex-boyfriend Jason. I glanced at her she looked terrified and it made me mad. But what made me even more mad was the smirk that grew as Skylar became more and more scared.  


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