Die in your arms (SEQUEL)

This is the sequel to 'Die in your arms'. If you have not read it, I suggest you do before reading the story. If you have, I hope you enjoy this one a tad more than the last one. Also read my other story named 'Anything can happen' Suggestions, feedback, and positive opinions are much appreciated. Enjoy the sequel :) xoxo -Anise


4. Party!!


I saw a lot of hand movement that’s for sure. “Can you tell what they’re saying?” Lola asked. “Not a single thing.” “Dammit. Let’s get a little closer.” I nodded. “Hey guys, let’s move the table a little over there, the sun is bothering me.” Lola said. “But there is..” Allen began before Lola cut him off. “Just do it.” With fear, they all picked up the table and we shuffled a little closer to Justin. “Ok! Here’s perfect.” I said. “Dude, there was no sun and now we’re extremely close to Justin. What the hell?” “Don’t ask questions and finish your food mister!” “Yes ma’am.” I raised my eyebrows at Lola and she shrugged. We looked over at Justin and just stared. “Do you understand what the hell they’re trying to say?” Lola asked again. “Not a single thing.” “I refuse to lift this heavy ass table again.” Veronica said. We all laughed and went back to looking at Justin. “Shit, he’s coming. Act normal.” Lola said quickly. I was picking at a grape, Lola was playing with her food, veronica was twiddling with her hair, Carson was talking to Taylor and Allen was the only one eating. Ryan was getting lunch with Chaz and Stacy. “Hey guys.” Justin said excitedly. Everyone looked at him in total shock wondering why he wasn’t sitting with us. “Wow where were you?” Lola asked. “Way to play it cool Lol.” “I’m not stupid; the table didn’t magically appear this close to us.” “Well aren’t you going to introduce us?” Veronica said. “Feisty. Hi I’m Arabella but you can call me Bella.” I shook her hand. “Hey, I’m Ivy.” “Well Ivy, this is Lola.” “Yo.” “Veronica.” “Sup?” “Allen.” “Hi.” “Carson.” “Hay gurl.” “And our newest member, Taylor.” “Hi Ivy.” “And this is Ryan, Chaz and Stacy.” Justin said as they sat down at the now extremely full table. “So are you new here?” Allen asked. “Yea. Transferred from Ontario.” “Wow, you two look so alike its crazy!” Lola said munching on her corndog. “Yea, my dad found out not long ago that one of his past girlfriends had a baby and she sent her here to be with me.” Justin said. “That’s amazing! Well did you know you two were related?” I asked Ivy. “I mean, I did know we had to be related considering that I do look like him but I can’t sing, I can’t dance, all I do is cook. I absolutely love cooking.” “Well that’s good. Do you have anywhere to stay? We can sure use a cook at our house.” “I’m not good enough?” “Jay, I wouldn’t mind eating spaghetti every night if that’s all we have but when we have a culinary chef in our face, we can try some of their new pieces.” “Hold on one second! What do you mean by ‘we’ and ‘our house’?” I looked at Justin and he nodded. “Bella..?” Carson asked. I held out my hand where the rock was placed. Instantly everyone at the table was screeching and screaming with excitement. “When did this happen?!” Carson exclaimed. “I thought you all knew. You guys did dress me.” “Yea, we knew that he was taking you out to dinner on the boat not that he was going to propose to you!” Veronica said examining the ring. “It’s beautiful. May I see?” Stacy asked. “Of course.” “Good job bro. when’s the wedding?” “After we graduate. It’s gonna be like a collision of a grad bash and ceremony.” “Awesome.” They did their man clap and we had planned to have a slumber party at my new home at Justin’s house. The week went by normally. Everyone found out about us engaged and soon enough, we have an interview with Ellen in 2 weeks to talk about it. Of course, I was right. The whole school and entire world thinks I’m pregnant. That’s why we’re getting married. When Friday after school came, we got the house ready. Pattie was out on a business trip so Justin and I had the house to ourselves. The door bell rang and I went over to get it. “IT’S TO PARTY!!!!” Lola yelled. I turned on the stereo and danced with her. After a while, everyone joined in with us. “Come on Ivy, we’re all horrible dancers. Let’s be horrible dancers together.” I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the rest of the group. We danced for a while and then settled down. We played many games and at 2 in the morning we were out of ideas. “I HAVE AN IDEA!” I screamed and ran up to Justin’s room. I came down with a brown long haired wig in my hand. “Where did you get that from?” Justin asked. “One year in Halloween, I was pirate and I didn’t have long hair so my mom bought me this. Come here.” “What are you gonna do?” He asked scared. “You’ll see now come here.” He slowly came to me and I put the wig on his head. It was already curled and once I put it on, I put ivy next to him. “Oh my gosh. You guys are identical!” Every one crowded around them and of course, Christian was our photographer so he took a picture.  “Yo that’s crazy!” Taylor said. “It’s a brother sister thing.” He said putting his arm over her shoulder and posed for the picture. At 5 , everyone ended up knocking out in the living room wherever they could find a place. Chaz and Stacy were on the recliner, Ryan and Lola on one side of the couch with Christian and Marisol on the other. Ivy was on a sleeping on a huge stash of pillows from the pillow fight. Veronica and Allen were on a stash of blankets and Carson and Allen were on the two seating couch. “Well Jay, I had fun.” “I did too. Let’s go to sleep.” He picked me up and carried me to his room upstairs where we fell softly asleep with his arms wrapped around me. “I love you Bella.” “And I love you Justin.” He kissed my cheek and we fell asleep. 

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