Die in your arms (SEQUEL)

This is the sequel to 'Die in your arms'. If you have not read it, I suggest you do before reading the story. If you have, I hope you enjoy this one a tad more than the last one. Also read my other story named 'Anything can happen' Suggestions, feedback, and positive opinions are much appreciated. Enjoy the sequel :) xoxo -Anise


2. A family fishing day.


“Uhm..o-okay.. What is it?” I asked nervously shaking. I don’t understand why this made me so nervous but I was shaking from head to toe. “I’m home! Hey Justin. Where’s my kiss?” Pattie said walking in the kitchen passing the living room. “No kiss for tia. Justin’s mine!” Jessie stated. “Why don’t I get a kiss?” Pattie asked placing her hands on her hips and doing the puppy dog face. “Because he’s playing with me.” She replied putting a crown on Justin and having him put a tiara on her. “Play now, kiss later?” “Deal.” Jessie said excitedly. Pattie laughed and kissed me hello. “Hey beautiful.” “Hey doll.” I said saying hello. “Let’s eat!” Pattie said. Justin came in still with his crown and Jessie with a tiara and a wand with a heart placed on top and a pink cape surrounding it. We all sat around the circular table and dag into the food. I only had a little bit of food. I am so nervous; I can’t even eat a lot. “Everyone, may I have your attention?” My dad said. Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god. I feel like I’m about to faint. “I would like to congratulate Bella and Justin.” My head shot up and looked at him dead in the eye with a question mark plastered on my face. “Justin, it is so nice to finally call you my son-in-law. Congratulations bells.” We all tinged our glasses and drank. “How did you know??” “When you were at the hospital, right after your surgery, you were sleeping and Justin came out and asked for our approval to marry you.” My mom said happily. I looked at Justin. He has a smile on his face. “I thought we were going to tell them together?” “Bella, you can’t propose to someone unless their family approves of the groom.” “That’s true. I’m glad you did it classy.” I kissed him and began eating. “Bella does that mean Justin is going to be my brother?” “In a way, yes. He’s going to be your brother-in-law.” “Yay!” She shot up her arms and happily ate her food. “So Bella, when are you going to start planning?” Pattie asked. “I honestly have no clue. I don’t even know where to begin.” “Well your mom and I could help you.” “That’s sounds great but under one condition… It’s my wedding and I get to choose everything. I would like it to be a wedding made for me that I created.” “Deal.” They said together. “I would like to get married after I graduate.” “Why wait till then?” Justin asked this time. I was surprised he would even ask that kind of question. “I would like all my friends, family, and loved ones to be able to make it plus if we do it before exams, it stresses me out more and distracts me from everything.” “Well whatever you choose, I’m happy. As long as we are together.” He grabbed my hand and kissed it gently. I love those kinds of kisses he gives me. By the time brunch was over, Justin promised Jessie to take her out to the beach. So as a family we went on the boat from last night and took a family fishing day. “Justin, you know how to drive this right?” My dad asked cautiously. “Yes sir, I do.” He giggled and sat on the chair behind the wheel. I sat next to him with Jessie between us. We invited Jeremy to join us with Pattie and my parents. We made it to the middle of the ocean and took out the lines. If it’s one thing I’m good at besides reading is interacting with animals and fishing was one way of interaction. We don’t eat it. We fish, take a picture, and throw it back into the water to swim around. I put the shrimp on a line and gave it to Jessie. The adults had their own lines and Justin was fishing with the same thing Jessie has. Me? I was working on my tan. I’m too white to be walking around in public. “Bella! Bella I caught something!!” Jessie squealed. I helped her reel in the fish and it was a tiny little thing. My mom took a picture of her holding it in and she then put it back in the water. After many hours, I got my tan and everyone got a fish. Justin reeled in 6, dad 2 bass, mom nothing, Jessie 2, Jeremy 3 and Pattie joined me 5 minutes after not catching anything. I couldn’t blame her. When the sun is beaming out and there’s no snow outside, we take the advantage of fishing. We also went swimming around the beach too and once it got dark, we went home. “Mom can I spend the night at Justin’s for the week?” “You’re a grown woman now, you do as you please.” “Thank you mom. I love you.” I said saying goodbye to everyone. “Good luck with school tomorrow.” My dad said. “Thanks, I’m gonna need it.” I said laughing a little. “Bye Jessie. See you this weekend or tomorrow.” I kissed her and left. “I love you all!” We went into Justin’s car and he drove us to his house. When we got in, he carried my bag of clothes into his room. I showered and got ready for bed. “I love you Jay.” “I love you too bells.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I felt so many fireworks exploding in my head and many butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. I pulled away before it got any further. “One day bells. One day we will end up having kids.” “Yes, but not now. I love you. Goodnight.” “Goodnight my love.” He turned off the lights and wrapped his arm around me and that’s how we fell asleep. Like a happy engaged couple. 

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