Die in your arms (SEQUEL)

This is the sequel to 'Die in your arms'. If you have not read it, I suggest you do before reading the story. If you have, I hope you enjoy this one a tad more than the last one. Also read my other story named 'Anything can happen' Suggestions, feedback, and positive opinions are much appreciated. Enjoy the sequel :) xoxo -Anise


1. Oh. My. Goodness.


Justin and I went back to his house. We planned to tell our family tomorrow during brunch. My mom offered to cook. In the duration of the ride home, Justin held my hand. I couldn’t stop staring at the rock on my finger. It was the best thing that could’ve ever been placed there. “You like your ring?” he asked looking at the ring. “I absolutely admire it. I’m still so surprised that I’m engaged!” “Well believe it because I plan on spending the rest of my life with you.” I smiled and looked at his truthful eyes. I know he would never lie to me. This is all true. It’s so surreal. By the time we got to his house, I took a shower and he went in after me. Even if we are engaged, I still don’t feel comfortable exposing my body just yet. Eventually I know I’ll have too but just not now at least. I got into bed and continued to stare at my ring. It’s absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. Justin came in bed and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Goodnight soon to be Mrs.Bieber. I love you.” “Goodnight my soon-to-be husband. I love you too.” He kissed my cheek, turned off the lamp and I was instantly asleep with him protecting me. I felt someone shaking me. I groan and flutter my eyes open. “Good morning beautiful. It’s time to wake up. It’s 11.” “Ok ok. I’m up.” He kissed my forehead and I lazily got out of bed and took a short shower. “JUSTIN?!” I hollered from the bathroom. “YES?” He yelled back. “WHERE’S MY TOWEL?” I looked around the entire bathroom but there is not a towel in sight. There isn’t even a robe to put on. My clothes are outside and I’m not about to wrap myself in toilet paper. “Here you go. My mom needed to wash the towels.” “That’s reasonable. Don’t look at me! I’m about to open the door.” “I’m not looking.” I slide the door to the side a little bit and he had his hand covering his eyes. I took the towel out of his hand and quickly closed the door. I’m not prude but I am self conscious. Since I left the hospital a few weeks ago, my weight has been going up and down. I wrapped myself and went back outside. “Where’s my bag of clothes?” “Over here.” He walked to the inside of his closet and pulled out a cute high waisted black skirt and a vibrant blue shirt with black pumps. “Who picked this out? Why am I wearing heels? Aren’t we going to brunch? It’s the middle of January; I’m going to freeze outside” “You ask a lot of question. I picked it out. I bought it because tonight, I’m taking you out. I also bought you this so you won’t freeze.” He pulled out a gorgeous white jacket to go along with the outfit. “It’s beautiful Justin. Thank you!” I hugged him and went to the bathroom to change. I came out and was wobbling a bit. “Not exactly used to heels just yet.” “Well next week, I was invited to the Grammys and you’re my date so get used to them. Let’s go. You look gorgeous.” We walked to his car and drove to my house. “Justin?” “Hm?” “What if they don’t accept it? What if my dad doesn’t give you his blessing?” “Bella, I’m always going to be two steps ahead of you.” “What do you mean?” “You’ll see.” We arrived at my house and my palms began to sweat. My heart was pounding and my legs were shaking nervously. I opened the door and called out for my dad. “Daddy?” “In the kitchen baby girl.” We walked over to the kitchen and saw my mom cooking and dad setting the table. “BELLA!!!” Jessie yelled. She ran to me and jumped up expecting me to catch her. I did of course. “Hey munchkin. How are you?” “I’m very well and you? Do you feel better?” “I feel much better now that I’m with you.” I kissed her nose and set her down. “Hi Justin.” “Hey beautiful, Do you have any drawings for me to see?” “Oh yes! I have a lot to show you! Come here. Come on slow poke.” She took his finger and dragged him to the living room. “Morning Jack and Mary.” He yelled from the other room. “Morning Justin.” They said together. “Hi daddy. Hey mom.” I said hugging them. “Mmm breakfast looks amazing!” “It sure smells amazing too.” My dad said smelling the pancakes in his hands. “Where’s Pattie?” I asked. “She had to stop at the market to get champagne.” My mom said. “What are we celebrating?” “Something veeeery special bells.” Said my dad. My heart was about to leap off of my chest. Oh. My. Goodness. 

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