Summer Love

When 17 year old Kayla's brother gets a job as One Directions new assistant body guard her life changes forever. She finally gets to meet the boys she's loved for years. One of the boy's takes a special liking to her, what will the management and fans think of her?


1. The News

“Kayla! Get down here!” My brother yells from downstairs. I grin. He sounds happy so that must mean the options for clients have come in. I race down the stairs, ecstatic.

                My brother is a new bodyguard for celebrities. Today he got the list for some new clients to take and he agreed to let me help make the decision. Mark’s twenty two, five years older than me. I have one other brother who’s eighteen and a nine year old sister. Mark’s home for spring break at his college. When I reach the bottom of the steps I seem my entire family crowded around the computer. I pick my sister Ella up and set her behind me. She tries to protest but I don’t listen. Will’s a little harder to move but I manage to cram my head in between his and my dad’s side to see. Mark’s sitting at the computer scanning the list up and down. His hair is buzzed and even though he is probably the strongest, most tough person I know, his bright blue eyes still sparkle with a mysterious glint.                                                                 

                He looks at me and smiles a little. “See anything you like? No one else noticed anything good.” I look at the screen and quickly read down the line.

                My eyes stop at one line and my jaw drops. “Choose that one!” I say pointing at the words One Direction. He reads that out loud.

                “Who are they?” Will asks.

                I smile. “They’re a British and Irish boy band. I went to a concert last year remember?” I say looking at my parents.

                My dad nods recalling those days where I sat and begged for the tickets. Mark looks at me disapprovingly. “So they’re some gay guys in a band?”

                I glare at him and look back at the screen. My eyes flick to the pay amount and I compare it to the others. I smile traces on my lips. “Well, they pay the most along with Justin Beiber. So it’s your choice.” I grin at him and he nods.

                “Point proven.” He looks at my parents, then Will, then Ella. After getting a nod out of all of them he clicks the accept button.

                My stomach flips and I pull my head away from where it was crammed and jump up and down. Our family disperses but Mark stays to do some research on the boys, while I stalk him just because I want to see videos and pictures of them. He pulls up a picture of all five of them. “So, what are their names?” He asks.

                I point to the screen. “That’s Harry Styles. This one’s Liam Payne. Then this is Louis Tomlinson. Zayn Malik. And this one’s Niall Horan, Niall’s the only Irish one in the band.”

                We spend the next few hours like that. He’ll look at things and then ask me questions about it. Then  all of a sudden a notification on his twitter pops up. He looks at it and I gasp.

@Harry_Styles is now following you

                I smile up at him as three new notifications come up.

                @zaynmalik is now following you

                @Real_Liam_Payne is now following you

                @Louis_Tomlinson is now following you

                Then a new tweet appears.

                Liam Payne:

                @Mark_s_Davis Hey, hear you’re our new body guard. Nice to meet you.

                That’s when his twitter basically blows up. Thousands of new followers and tweets appear instantly. It’s hard to determine which ones are from people we know.

                Harry Styles:

                @Mark_s_Davis Yo, welcome aboard bro!

                Louis Tomlinson:

                @Mark_s_Davis  You’re from the us? That’s cool! We’ll have to arrange a flight out to London for you!

                Zayn Malik:

                @Mark_s_Davis Wow, I looked at your pics and I don’t think any girl is going to be able to touch us nowL

                Louis Tomlinson:

                @zaynmalik I just love how you included the sad face! Nice to see what you like the most about the bandJ haha

                My visions clouded I’m so excited. The thing that’s been bothering me finally hits me. “What about Niall?” He shrugs and replies to the boys.

                Mark Davis:

                @Real_Liam_Payne yep, that would be me, nice to meet you too.

                @Harry_Styles Thanks man! Excited to get started!

                @Louis_Tomlinson Yup ‘Murica! Ive never been to another country, looking forward to that!

                @zaynmalik Haha that’s the plan, from your face though it seems like ill have to keep you away from the crowdJ

                The conversation goes on like this and Mark starts to get some official emails from the management. I log on to my twitter from my phone and stare at Niall’s account. Why hasn’t he followed Mark? I look at his tweets and figure out that his fans are thinking the same thing. They also have a lot to say about Mark. The tweets range from: Mark’s so hooooot! – What happened to Paul??! Luckily no one’s figured out that I’m his sister so I’m not getting bombarded with questions. At least the only questions are from my actual friends. My best directioner friend is spazzing out on the keyboard and in all caps begging me to tell Mark to follow me. One of my worst enemies in school is actually trying to talk with me, I laugh and ignore her. Then I hear a notification ding on my twitter and look at it.

Liam Payne:

@Kayla_Davis28 Are you Mark’s sister? I’m just guessing by recent tweets between youJ

have a mini heart attack at that point and process the fact that I’m talking to Liam Payne!

                Kayla Davis:

                @Real_Liam_Payne Yep! I was so excited when I found out he was working for you!!


@Real_Liam_Payne is now following you

                @Harry_Styles is now following you

                @zaynmalik is now following you

                @Louis_Tomlinson is now following you


My heart race picks up and I start to grin like a crazy person. One Direction knows that I exist! Nothing could describe my happiness.

Harry Styles:

@Kayla_Davis28 Does that mean you’re a directioner!?!

Kayla Davis:

@Harry_Styles Of course!!

Louis Tomlinson:

@Kayla_Davis28 that’s awesome!!

Niall Horan:

@Kayla_Davis28 @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson @Mark_s_Davis  What’s going on???? I fell asleep and now we have a new bodyguard?!

@NiallOfficial is now following you

I laugh, that’s why Niall hasn’t responded yet. I talk to them for about ten minutes and Mark talks for even longer. Then I go over to my phone which has a text from almost everyone in my contacts plus a few more that I didn’t even know had my number.

I answer a few of them, confirming my brother’s their bodyguard and that I talked with them on twitter. I turn my phone off, getting completely overwhelmed. I look at Mark about the same time he looks at me. “I better get packing. I leave tomorrow for London.”

                                                Two Months Later

                “Hi Marky!” I say excitedly. We haven’t seen him since he left two months ago so it’s good just to talk with him on the phone. He’s become very famous lately. Almost more than Paul because a lot of the girls seem to think Mark’s better looking than the boys. But, Paul’s still the babysitter. Mark’s like the strong older brother. You never see Paul without Mark; they work as a team now. From what Mark’s said and from the picture fans have taken Mark’s become great friends with all of the boys. Mark and Liam have become gym buddies, Louis and Mark are apparently just hilarious when put together, Mark’s the only person who can eat more than Niall and stay skinny, both he and Zayn sleep every chance they get, and Harry and Mark shop together because they both like their shirts two sizes too small to show off their muscles. I still haven’t got to meet the boys but I know I’ll get to, so I’m patient. They did skype me once because Mark’s computer was dead and they used it as an opportunity to meet me.

                “Hi midget!” He says happily. “I have a surprise for you.”

                This could be it! “Oh really?” I ask calmly. “What is it?”

                “Well, I talked to Mom and Dad and they said that it’s okay for you and Will to fly out to Hawaii this summer.” He says excitedly. “After the world tour the boys are going home for a week and then they decided that that’s where they wanted to vacation. Paul can’t come so it’ll just be me there to protect them. I could use Will’s help and I knew you would want to come. They said they’re going to Florida with Ella.”

                My stomach flips and I have a mini fangirl attack at that point. “Oh my god, I’d love to! When do we leave?” I ask barely able to contain my excitement.

                “Well the tour ends in the middle of June. Your flight takes off on the first of July. I’m emailing you guys the tickets now. I’ve already talked to Will and he’s excited to come too! I’d better go. The boys want to go out for dinner, which means I’ll have to fight off some deranged girls.” He says groaning.

                “Ok, thank you! I gotta go anyways, school. Bye, love you!” I say.

                “Love you, bye!”

                I hang up and run to the calendar. June 17th. The tour has to end soon! I prepare for the last day of school. The time difference must be pretty big from here to wherever he is.

                As soon as I get to first period my friends, Tamara, Rose, and Sydney, jump up to talk with me. “Heard anything from Mark?” Sydney asks.

                I smile. “I talked to him this morning actually, he was about to go out to dinner with the boys.” I say nonchalantly, it’s become normal for me to talk to someone who’s close to One Direction.

                “Oh my god! When are you going to get to meet them?” Tamara says almost crying. She has a very high hope that when I meet them I’ll take her. They are my best friends so when One Direction comes to the concert here I’m going to try to get backstage passes for us to go to. It’s not like I can take them to Hawaii with me.

                I’m not sure if I should tell them or not yet anyways, luckily my phone dings. The boys must have tweeted something because almost every girl pulls out their phone at the same time.

                Mark Davis:

                Sooo excited to spend the summer in Hawaii with my five best buds and my amazing girlfriend @HannahFort_56! Oh yea, I guess my sister and brother are gonna be there too…

                 I laugh before realizing what this means. I look up to see every face turned in my direction and dead silence across the room. The girls I hate the most glares at me, while my friends just look jealous. I decide to just respond to the tweet instead of dealing with them.

                Kayla Davis:

                @Mark_s_Davis haha im excited too! Can’t wait to meet everyone, I’ve heard so much about them from you!

                Mark Davis:

                @Kayla_Davis28 Aren’t you supposed to be in school? Or did you just lie to get off the phone with me?

                Harry Styles:

                @Mark_s_Davis it’s gonna be interesting without Paul. You and Liam are basically gonna be in charge

                Kayla Davis:

                @Harry_Styles we’re screwed!

                Niall Horan:

                @Kayla_Davis28 OMG I WAS ABOUT TO SAY THE SAME THING!!!

                Paul Higgins:

                @Mark_s_Davis @Real_Liam_Payne if you guys die, you two are now to blameJ Don’t get into too much trouble.


Louis Tomlinson:

                @paulyhiggins we would never dream about it ;)

                I laugh again and my phone dings. It’s Mark.

                I told the boys but I didn’t think it was a good thing to put on twitter. At least we’ll have women to make us sandwiches and to clean for us!

                I frown and role my eyes. “Wow Mark.” I mumble. Stereotypical guy behavior. I guess I said it out loud because everyone looks up at me.

                The girl I hate the most in the world, Brianna, stands up and flips her brown hair off her shoulder. “So you get to meet One Direction?” She says pretending to be sweet.

                I match her ‘sweet’ smile. “Actually I get to hang out with them all summer. Would you like me to get you an autograph or something?”

                She glares at me for a second and then puts the smile back on. I’m aware that every single person in the room is staring at us. She ignores the question. “So, what did your brother text you?” She asks nosily.

                I laugh. “It was about the twitter conversation. You see, not everything we talk about is publicized.”

                She clenches her jaw buts still smiles. “Like you actually have One Direction’s numbers. Stop acting cool.”

                Tamara stands now. “She has Liam’s Skype, she talked to all five of them for an hour once.”

                Sydney and Rose join her now. “Don’t forget that she has a better chance with them then anyone in this room.” Sydney says.

                “I bet she’ll have their numbers by the first week.” Rose states.

                She scoffs. “Yeah right.” But, you can tell she’s been defeated.

I grin at my friends. “As soon as they have a concert or anything here I’ll take you to meet them, I promise.”

                The teacher comes in and tells us to settle down. We had finals two days ago so we could enjoy our last two days as Juniors in High School.  We basically do nothing the entire day and just get free periods all day. Brianna comes over to me and apologizes, she starts to talk with us and a few of her friends join her. I know that she’s just using me to get to One Direction, but I’m not a mean person and so I don’t send her away. During lunch all of us sit together and talk. At one point Brianna looks at me shyly.

                “Did you really get to talk to them?” She says in a quiet voice.

                I smile. “Yeah, Mark’s computer died and he used Liam’s to Skype me. All five boys came in and talked with me and my brother Will.” I’m not sure why I added in Will’s name, everyone knows who he is. We’re almost as famous as Mark.

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