Dirty little secret.

Unsatisfied from sex, a lady may just become slightly frustrated, an argument may break out and one thing leads to another.. A knife is brought out and a swift slice leads this prostitute with something shed had never felt before. But now blood is on her hands as her sex drive increases, as does the death toll.

Follow young Annabelle Jane as she hits her climax with this dirty little secret that she holds.


4. Self hatred.

Authors note:

I'm really sorry it has taken so long for this chapter, I've had major writers block and it kills me not being able to write, so sorry, I'll try to do another chapter as soon as I can :)    " Annabelle! Wake up, it's nearly eight O-clock! You have school in half an hour! " Emily, Annabelles' mum screamed up the stairs.   " urghgh!' Go away!" Replied the creature with just as much stubbornness as the women downstairs before sinking into the cave in which her covers created.   " Annabelle, you will get yourself out of bed this instant! Move! " Emily shouted loud enough to wake the blooming dead this time round as she ran up the stairs and burst through the door into her daughters room. Straight to the curtains she ripped them open as she did every morning and let the sunlight flood into the bedroom, before pulling back the covers off of Annabelle's head. Before her did not even look like her daughter, usually so well presented in her school uniform of a black knee length pencil skirt, subtly pulled up mid thigh. A white blouse with the top few buttons undone and a black tie hung loosely around her neck. Black tights, and dolly shoes finished off the uniform.    Annabelle rolled out of bed and fell onto a pile of clothes where her floor should have been. Grunting she slowly rose, rubbing her eyes before pacing towards the shower. As she stood washing her hair, she started thinking about the day she had before her. The name calling, pointing, cruel words, even the teachers had seemed to have given up, it wasn't that Annabelle isn't smart, It was more the fact that she was just slower than the other girls in her class, it took her slightly longer to focus the words in her mind, otherwise they stayed jumbled, a bit like alphabet soup. But her teachers didn't seem to understand that, rather than just not caring and letting her get on with it she needed some extra help, reading, writing, it really wasn't her strong point.    But enough of that, Annabelle turned off the shower after she finished rinsing off her body. She grabbed a towel off the railing, firstly for her her before wrapping a second around her body. She walked back into her bedroom, and just fell back onto her bed as tears began to form in her eyes as she glance at the wreckage she had created on her body the night before. Why did she let what those girls say to her hurt her so much? Why did she care? They meant nothing to her, they weren't her friends so why should it matter what they think of her? But those questions were forever running through Annabelle's mind. She couldn't get her head around it, why their words got to her. Hurt her to the bone. but seeing those cuts, made her want to do more. The disappointment ruined her, the harsh circle which her self hatred created.
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