Dirty little secret.

Unsatisfied from sex, a lady may just become slightly frustrated, an argument may break out and one thing leads to another.. A knife is brought out and a swift slice leads this prostitute with something shed had never felt before. But now blood is on her hands as her sex drive increases, as does the death toll.

Follow young Annabelle Jane as she hits her climax with this dirty little secret that she holds.


3. Noticeable changes.

It was starting to become slightly noticeable. Her belly I mean. But surely it was just the fact Annabelle had been eating a tad more than usual. She seemed more hungry, was actually eating breakfast, and snacks in-between meals. Surely it was just a weight gain due to the extra eating. That was what young Annabelle put it down to at least.

The hormones now running thorough her blood though? That wasn't understandable, considering the situation wasn't known to herself. She become horribly temperamental, her moods becoming increasingly worse, as she flipped at the slightest thing. Be it one slight word taken in the wrong way, or her mama forgetting to wake her up in the morning. Either way it was seriously getting out of hand, and her parents were becoming increasingly frustrated at the change in their daughters behaviour.
They couldn't even put it down to puberty due to Annabelle having gone through that stage at the ripe age of thirteen. All long legs and budding breasts, the girl had a set on her before she'd got her first GCSE. Even then she didn't particularly have mood swings apart from the usual, 'I don't want to tidy my room' or ' do the washing up'.

She was still going out at all hours though, obviously her parents still hadn't the slightest clue about this.
The lad from a few weeks back, he disappeared as soon as he'd taken from Annabelle what he had wanted.
She didn't particularly take it all that well..

Rather than hiding within herself and pushing people away she did the opposite. She craved any sort of closeness, the feeling of being wanted.. And the only way this was achievable was through letting guys have what they want.. No feelings involved.. Just having them close after the proceedings and listening to their heartbeat as she drifted off to sleep was all she needed as no real pleasure was gained from the primary interaction. In the morning they were gone, leaving her feeling as deserted as ever, just as another day goes by.

She used this as a way of getting what she wanted whereas the lads did exactly the same. But it left her with a bit of a name for herself. Wherever Annabelle went, the lads would give her the once over, wolf whistle, and try their luck, which often worked out for the best with them. Whilst girls would point and laugh, shouting names like 'slut' and 'whore'. Multiple times she had left school with a smile only to get home into her bedroom and break down in tears as she knew what they said was only the truth. It hadn't taken long for the girls at school to find out about her little antics, and they reminded her daily of what she is.

As she sat in the safe haven in which is her room, yet it no longer felt like this, it now felt much like a prison, somewhere she was trapped with her own thoughts, which told her only that she wasn't good enough for anyone to love. Over and over again. Slowly but surely she was beginning to believe it.. That's where things began to go rather awry. To escape the voices of her classmates and those in her head, a blade was needed.. She sliced through the skin on her hip as tears escaped from her eyes and she watched the blood leave from the fresh cuts.. She then laid on her bed and cried into her pillow until falling to sleep dreading tomorrow and the cruel words that would come with it.
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