Dirty little secret.

Unsatisfied from sex, a lady may just become slightly frustrated, an argument may break out and one thing leads to another.. A knife is brought out and a swift slice leads this prostitute with something shed had never felt before. But now blood is on her hands as her sex drive increases, as does the death toll.

Follow young Annabelle Jane as she hits her climax with this dirty little secret that she holds.


2. How it went oh so wrong.

Who knew how young Annabelle's life would have turned out. She came from a loving family in southern England. A nice big house, with an enormous garden for their bulldog Ralphie to run about in. A good education at an all girls school. What more could a young girl ask for? Except maybe a bit of freedom.

Her parents, although they loved her dearly, were very overprotective of their only child and kept her much like a dog on a leash. Of course this only encouraged a rebellious streak in young Annabelle. As the girl hit the age in which a young lady may start 'experimenting' with alcohol, sex and drugs, she also begun sneaking out at all hours, only just getting in before the crack of dawn as light creeped over the church bell. And this set up worked for about two years until something changed. Annabelle came home one morning only to immediately head to the loo where last nights dinner was soon revisited. Yet she had no temperature, her mother had checked and checked again. Maybe it was just something she ate.. But it was more than that.. Why else would she have a sinking feeling in her stomach?

See, a couple of weeks back, she trusted the wrong lad, believed him with every kind word that he uttered. She trusted him completely, and without her even knowing it had been torn into shreds, until her life and dreams in which she held, just drifted away in the wind. She believed him when he said he loved her, and being just fifteen she thought it was the truth. She thought she was in love and let him take something of the utmost importance. Her virginity. Alongside any chance of a normal life, that was ripped away for her the day condom broke and left a life growing inside of her..

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