Dirty little secret.

Unsatisfied from sex, a lady may just become slightly frustrated, an argument may break out and one thing leads to another.. A knife is brought out and a swift slice leads this prostitute with something shed had never felt before. But now blood is on her hands as her sex drive increases, as does the death toll.

Follow young Annabelle Jane as she hits her climax with this dirty little secret that she holds.


1. What's your secret?

Everybody has secrets nowadays, be it sleeping with their tatty old teddy bear at the age of sixteen or crying at sappy films even though you're the quarterback. Keeping your boyfriend a secret from your parents because they'll disapprove of the lad standing in front of them with the motorbike and tattoos. Or even your sex life.. Wait.. Scrap that.. In this day an age nobodies' sex life is secret..

Unless of course you prefer something a tad bit colder, and no beating of the heart.. And how exactly might you achieve such a thing? A clean slice across the throat with a blade sharp as a fiddle will leave you breathless as your life source drains from your body, the colour leaves your cheeks, and your lady friend perfects the kill with a kiss on the cheek. Her crimson red lipstick leaving her telltale marks for whoever has the misfortune of finding you. This is her excitement, this gives her the utmost pleasure that no man has been able to achieve. Only the kill will leave her satisfied. But not a word will leave the lady's lips, except her signature of leaving with a kiss..
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