Becca is bullied and abused at school and home. Will she makes a life changing decision, will her life change completely and will it be for better or for worse. Read more to find out.


2. School

Beeeep... Beeeep...... Beep!!!!!!!! Morning already?!? I should probably get ready for school. I take a quick shower, grab my keys and leave. Oh, look who is here girls, my worst enemy Tally scoffed in her fake Jersey accent. What do you want?! I ask as she blocks me from my locker. Just let me through, I say, as I push my way to my locker. Her and her gang just stand there and talk really loudly about prom and who their going with. I'm going with Nate ballinger, said tally. Who is dumb enough to be your date this year Becca? She said. I-I-I'm not going I pathetic. They laugh. Then my best friend chloe comes up to me and asked,what did they want?
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