Becca is bullied and abused at school and home. Will she makes a life changing decision, will her life change completely and will it be for better or for worse. Read more to find out.


1. Just another day to survive part 1.

BECCA, GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!! Great, just another bad day with my douche bag uncle. Sadly, 5 years ago, my mother and father were apparently killed by a drunk driver while coming home from their trip to San Diego. It didn't happen that way. I know that my uncle murdered them and just used the drunk story to cover up for it. My uncle is a drunk who luckily works for the gas company so he is away for long periods of time. He abuses me and tells me it is all my fault my parents died. I am in the 11th grade and I have brown straight hair, blue eyes that change from navy to bright blue to green to blue to ice blue and on occasion they have a golden ring around the black part. I'm bullied and I don't have many friends.

I ran downstairs and my uncle yelled get in here. I walked in and he said, I told you to clean the house before I got home. " It's a big house and I got really tired so I decided to go to sleep." " That doesn't mean anything" he said and pinned me to the wall, took off his belt, and started beating me with it. After that he took the coal pusher out of the fire place and seared the words “ next time do it right or die” into my back. I went upstairs and into my bedroom to take a long quiet nap. First i got on my Twitter and checked my messages. After that I layed down. The pain and fatigue was so unberable! I decided on a cool shower an theneverything went black.
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