INVISIBLE. I will be invisible. No one will see me. Lighter than a feather. No one will notice, no one will care until I'm zero. Nothing. Invisible. Gone. They will only care when I am gone.

Jinx is a 15 year old girl. Unsure of where she belongs and obsessed with the number on the scale. She doesn't have any friends, they might get in her way of becoming invisible. But one day, Jinx meets someone, who just might change her life forever.




Today is Saturday.

Dad will be at work, as always, and my 5 year old sister Ruthy is at her friends. That means today will be good. I don't know where Jake is. Nor do I really care where he is. All he does is remind me that he is the superior twin and I suck. Though he is probably having sex with his boyfriend. Oops was I not supposed to say that? Yeah....real superior, he's gay. FUCKING GAY.

yeah Jake, I am the bad twin.


So today I am alone. Thank God. Maybe I will have an egg for breakfast

"hey fatass I think your forgetting something, 75calories if that you fatty. You don't want to gain do you. I thought you were going to listen to me. You are a fucking fat cow. You failure you will not eat that egg you don't deserve it."



She's right. No egg for me. I don't deserve a whole fucking egg. I don't deserve anything, but I need to drive today and I can't black out again, that didn't turn out well last time.

I open the refrigerator and grab a lemon(17) and slice it into 4 and decide to have one(4.25) no that is too much. TOO MUCH FOR FATTY. I slice the forth in half so I have an eighth(2.13) that's better.

72.87 left for today. Okay.



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