INVISIBLE. I will be invisible. No one will see me. Lighter than a feather. No one will notice, no one will care until I'm zero. Nothing. Invisible. Gone. They will only care when I am gone.

Jinx is a 15 year old girl. Unsure of where she belongs and obsessed with the number on the scale. She doesn't have any friends, they might get in her way of becoming invisible. But one day, Jinx meets someone, who just might change her life forever.


5. Why is he here.

Finally we are home.

Ruthy wanted ice cream.

So I got her ice cream.

She needs it. She is tiny. She is perfect. I won't ruin her like I ruin everything else. I WONT







She loves chocolate ice cream. She gets the same thing every time. A cup of chocolate ice cream(250) with cookie dough pieces(95) on top. She is so cute. Eating it.

She insisted that I got something.


I couldn't say no to her. I just I couldn't. She would get sad, and I can't let her be sad.

They didn't have the sorbet(60) they were out. So I got fat free vanilla frozen yogurt(90) with fresh strawberries(10) on top. I ate half(50).

Ruthy wanted me to eat more. She said I was too skinny.

She was just trying to be nice. I am way too big. She knows that. She knows I am fat.

I let her have the rest of mine, well she tried it and then said it was nasty and threw it away.

But now we are home. I have eaten 52 fucking calories today. I need to purge.

I hope it isn't too late now.

We walk into the door to find the weirdest fucking sight ever.

"Ruthy cover your eyes!!!!"


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