INVISIBLE. I will be invisible. No one will see me. Lighter than a feather. No one will notice, no one will care until I'm zero. Nothing. Invisible. Gone. They will only care when I am gone.

Jinx is a 15 year old girl. Unsure of where she belongs and obsessed with the number on the scale. She doesn't have any friends, they might get in her way of becoming invisible. But one day, Jinx meets someone, who just might change her life forever.


12. this isn't me

We sit down at an empty table, and I sip my tea.

Stella goes on to tell me that her dad died when she was 2, and her mom isn't really around much, no siblings.

Then she looks me in the eyes,

"and well the real reason I wanted to talk to you here is because, well...I'm..." her eyes start to tear up. No don't cry Stella I'm sure whatever it is can't be that bad.

Then out stumbles the two words I didn't want to hear, "I'm GAY."

No. No. No. No. NO.

I must have heard her wrong. Pinch me. This has to be a dream. No.

I look up to see Stella crying.

"I'm sorry" she sobs.

"it's just usually whe...." she starts, and something possesses me. It isn't me that leans in and kisses her soft lips. It isn't me who keeps kissing her.

It isn't me that goes back to my car with her.

It isn't me that takes her clothes off.

It isn't me who moans at the feel of another woman's body against my own.

It isn't me that pleasures Stella until she can be pleasured no more.



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