INVISIBLE. I will be invisible. No one will see me. Lighter than a feather. No one will notice, no one will care until I'm zero. Nothing. Invisible. Gone. They will only care when I am gone.

Jinx is a 15 year old girl. Unsure of where she belongs and obsessed with the number on the scale. She doesn't have any friends, they might get in her way of becoming invisible. But one day, Jinx meets someone, who just might change her life forever.


17. Sex should rhyme with Stella

It's been a month since me and Stella started "dating" A month since Ruthy got cancer. A month since my brother attempted to kill himself. He's out of the hospital, and so is Damion. They're still together. Ruthy is usually at the hospital, chemo doesn't seem to be helping much. But I don't have time to even focus on Ruthy or Sam. Because Stella. Stella, Stella, Stella. They say honesty is the best policy, but I don't know how to be honest about it. Well, she likes sex, a lot. Don't get me wrong, I like it too, but not like she does. She's like addicted. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY Usually more than once a day. She never wants anything else. I wouldn't mind it, if she ever wanted to do anything else besides that. But she doesn't, when I ask her to go to the movies or something, she just says there's nothing good out and that I should just go over to her house. I don't know how long I can do this. Everyday all the time. During school she asks me to go to the bathroom for a quicky. I can't just say no or something. I mean I could but I don't, I just go do it. I'm sad to say this, but I'm really tired of having sex with her. It was awesome at first, but always. She always wants it. It's gotten so bad that I wish I still got my period so I could get a break. I don't know how to confront her about it, but I need to right away. I don't know how much longer I can do this. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. that's all it ever is. I'm not going to lie, I've met someone else. Which makes this entire situation even worse. I do like Stella, well I thought I did, but maybe not. Phoenix. Is his name. Phoenix. Like the bird soaring through the sky. Phoenix. Let me tell you something about him, he brings me soaring through the sky. I thought I loved Stella. I might, if she didn't want to fuck me all the time. I don't know how I feel about Phoenix, but he's cute, and nice, and much better between the sheets than Stella. I know I complain about sex with Stella but that's because she's not that good at it. But Phoenix is amazing. I don't have to fake it with him.... It's all real. SO REAL.
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