INVISIBLE. I will be invisible. No one will see me. Lighter than a feather. No one will notice, no one will care until I'm zero. Nothing. Invisible. Gone. They will only care when I am gone.

Jinx is a 15 year old girl. Unsure of where she belongs and obsessed with the number on the scale. She doesn't have any friends, they might get in her way of becoming invisible. But one day, Jinx meets someone, who just might change her life forever.


11. Just a tea.

I don't have the next class with Stella, or any other class besides ap chem actually. So back to my friendless self. Spanish comes and goes, then it is lunch. For me, sit in the bathroom wasting time. I know Stella doesn't have the same lunch as me, I can't help but wonder what she is going to do when it is her lunch. Does she eat? Is she like me? So many questions that I don't have answers to yet.

The rest of the day goes by slowly, me thinking about things always makes it go by slowly.

The last bell of the day rings. I head to my locker. There she is. Waiting for me.

How did she know where my locker was? Why does it matter? All I know is that she is there.

"Hey Jinx, um I was wondering if maybe we could go get coffee or something and we could talk. Before we get close there are a few things that you should know about me."

"okay, let me just text my father quickly to let him know that I won't be home after school." I rummage through my bag and realize that I left my phone at home. Oh well, no big deal, dad probably won't be home anyway.

"I guess I left my phone at home today, but I'm sure it will be fine anyway, let me just put my things away, meet me outside"

"okay see you in a few Jinxy" she lets out a little chuckle and I smile.

"Okay Stellawella" we both laugh, and she walks away to her locker.

She is so cute.


No stop it Jinx. Stop being stupid.


We walk out together. It feels so right. I offer to drive us, but we both would rather walk.

It's freezing, but I don't care. It means more time with her, and more calories being burned, 50 hours I have been fasting. 0 calories in me.

0 calories will make me be 0





We walk silently, Stella seems upset. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that I am going to find out soon. By the time we walk into one of the thousand coffee shops here in New York city, my hands, nose, feet, arms, legs, everything is frozen. I am a big piece of ice. A big fat piece of ice.

We walk up to the counter, Stella orders first, quiet as a mouse. That's odd, she didn't seem the least bit shy before.

"um I will have a grande peppermint tea please, unsweetened"(0cal)

She ordered it. She ordered the only drink I ever get, peppermint tea, zero calorie goodness. The only thing I can drink without feeling guilty.

"and for you?" says the cashier

"I'll have the same."

"just a tea?" says the cashier.

"yes, just a tea."

Stella pulls out her wallet, and sets a 10 dollar bill on the counter.

"keep the change."

That's odd, I would have wanted the change, that was almost 4 dollars. That is a big amount of money to be giving a cashier at a coffee shop.

Maybe there is more to Stella than I know.


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