I Never Knew

Molly is just like you and me. A fun and outgoing girl who seems to enjoy life. But once she gets home she lives a completely different life. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 11 and she is now living with her abusive uncle. He rapes, cuts, burns, hits, punches and kicks her. When she finally gets the chance to escape this life she takes it, but she has nowhere to go so she just keeps running. What happens when she is found by the famous boy band one direction? Will she open up to them or keep it bottled inside? And will her uncle find her?

please 14+ sexual and cussing included. <3


2. Noooo!!!!

Molly's POV
I ran and ran and ran and ran until I was a good ten miles away from my "home". I was completely out of breath and to make things better it was freezing and raining. And it didn't help that I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I slowly turned the corner, stumbling and saw bright headlights coming towards me. The black van slowly came to a stop and so did I and a curly headed boy got out of the mysterious van and came towards me. I think that he was trying to talk to me but I could hear nothing, I was too focused on the cold. And suddenly I could not hold my weight anymore and fell to the ground but the boy caught me just in time.

Harry's POV
"lads just shutup!" they were all complaining because they were tired from our eight hour photoshoot. We were driving home and as the van turned the corner and a beautiful girl came into view but she was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. In the freezing rain!
"Louis stop the van!" Louis slowly came to a stop.
"Harry what's wrong?" Louis asked in a concerned voice.
"That girl is out in the freezing rain! We need to help her!"
"Okay mate just be quick!" Yes!
I jumped out of the van and put my hood up and approached her. "Do you need help?" no answer.
"why are you out in the rain?" still no answer. She looked up in to my eyes with fear and suddenly collapsed but I was quick and caught her in my arms. As our skin made contact I could feel that hers was absolutely freezing! I immediately picked her up with care and went to the car. The lads saw all of this and quickly helped her into the van.
"Oh my God Harry what did you do!" Niall screamed.
"Nothing she just collapsed and she is soo cold, but we can't go to the hospital cause peps would have a play day so we need to get her back to the flat now!"
"Louis drive!" Liam screamed. We layed her on top of us and tried to get her warmed up.
She was sooooo cold! I looked through her bag to see if she had an ID, and she did!
"Lads I found her ID!, her name is Molly Bottas and she is seventeen." beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
We finally got back to the flat and rushed her in. I was so worried for her and cared for her even though I just met her. "Niall help me!" Niall nodded and helped me start a hot bath. The others just stood in the doorway of the bathroom. I really felt bad for taking her freezing clothes off of her but they needed to come off. I started to unsip her shorts and her eyes shot open and she screamed "NOOOO!!!!"

Molly's POV
I don't remember anything until I heard an unzipping of my shorts, my eyes shot open and I screamed, "NOOOO!!!!"
I quickly backed away even though it was painful. I was not going to be raped ever again! Why was I soo cold? Oh yeah, the memories came flooding back from earlier that day.
And this time I let the tears freely drop.
"honey I am soo sorry!" the curly haired boy then grabbed me and called his friends over to hold me down. I struggled to the best of my weak abilities but it was to no prevail I didnt stand a chance against five well developed boys.
He then unzipped my shorts and pulled them off revealing my many scars and bruises and my private area. By now I was crying my eyes out. I looked up at him and he had tears in his eyes. All of this struggling has opened up my most recent cuts which made it even more painful.
The boy now went to my shirt and I screamed uncontrollably, I was crying so hard my eyes hurt.
But even with all my protest he still slipped it off, and they all gasped at my now reopened cuts and old scars and bruises. Didn't they understand that I didn't want this!!!!!!
"Stop Please!!!"
"I am sorry princess...." the blond one said as he picked me up and lowered me into the hot bath. I was relatively calm until I made contact with the water which was scolding! But he proceeded. And I was completely freaking out because first of the temperature, scolding, and second because of my opened wounds in hot hot water.
I was in hell.

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