I Never Knew

Molly is just like you and me. A fun and outgoing girl who seems to enjoy life. But once she gets home she lives a completely different life. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 11 and she is now living with her abusive uncle. He rapes, cuts, burns, hits, punches and kicks her. When she finally gets the chance to escape this life she takes it, but she has nowhere to go so she just keeps running. What happens when she is found by the famous boy band one direction? Will she open up to them or keep it bottled inside? And will her uncle find her?

please 14+ sexual and cussing included. <3


4. Introductions

"I am sorry princess...." the blond one said as he picked me up and lowered me into the hot bath. I was relatively calm until I made contact with the water which was scolding! But he proceeded. And I was completely freaking out because first of the temperature, scolding, and second because of my opened wounds in hot hot water. 
I was in hell.
Molly's POV
I screamed and screamed and screamed but i felt like no one could here me. Why couldnt they just leave me alone, thats all i wanted. 
how much do you want to bet that they are going to rape me after this torture?
Why did they want me?
What did i do wrong? 
All of these questions were running through my head as i attempted to take my mind off of the fact that i was naked in front of five teenage boys in scolding water. it didnt work. this was really uncomfortable for me because i was nude and scared to death that they were going to rape me. The blond boy and the curly haired boy had to hold me into the tube because i was trying to get out. 
Finally, after what seemed like hours, blondie (Niall) drained the tube and tried to wrap a towel aroung my exposed body but i flinched at his touch hoping that he would not hurt me.
"Molly i am not going to hurt you, i promise princess." Blondie said with a hurt and confused look on his face.
i didnt want to be weak but i couldnt hold it in any longer so i let all of my tears flow freely. 
"No no no dont cry it will be ok, please let us help you." curly said sympathetically as he laid his hand on my bare shoulder.
"No! Please don't rape me! Please!" I screamed. By now i was crying harder than ever. They all looked at me in shock.
"you thought we were going to rape you? Why?" they boy in stripes said.
"You all practically ripped my clothes off.... And dumped me into scolding water!" I cried.
"No no no no no no, we would never ever take advantage of you like that. We would never rape you. We were trying to get you warm because you were on the verge of death!" Curly said. And I flinched when he yelled the last part. "Oh my God I didn't mean to yell I am so sorry." They were all on the verge of tears. They could see how uncomfortable and scared I was and looked at me sympathetically.
"Look Molly, let me help you out of the bath and you can change into some clothes in my room, ok? Then after we can properly introduce ourselves, right lads?"
"Yeah" they all coursed.
"Is that ok Molly?" Curly said.
"Okay......" I trailed off. He then gently helped me out of the tub and I flinched but he comforted me. "It's ok Molly I will never hurt you." He said just loud enough for me to hear. He took me into a large room, which I guessed was his. He led me over to the bed and got some of his smallest clothes for me.
"Here Molly you can wear these for now and me and the boys are going to buy you some clothes ok? But what is your size?" He handed me a black t shirt and sweatpants.
"Um I don't know my sizes" I said looking at my lap.
"What? You don't know your own sizes? Why?" He said.
"Ummm well I have never been shopping, all of my clothes are hand me downs."
"What! Then you are definitely coming with us ok?"
"Ok.... Wait I don't even know your names?"
"Oh my God I'm sorry I am Harry, Harry Styles."
"Nice to meet you."
"Here I'm gonna let you change and then you can meet the other lads and we can go shopping!"
"Alright just give me a sec."
"Ok see you soon!" He said as he left. I then quickly got changed and went quietly down stairs but they were talking and I heard my name so I listened.......

Harry's POV:
As I left my room thoughts were going through my mind. Why did she have all of those cuts and scares and bruises? Why is she so scared?
I walked downstairs to the rest of the lads. And they immediately rushed to me with many questions.
"How is she Harry?" They all asked.
"She is fine but she has never been shopping! So we are gonna take her and get her some clothes ok"
"Yeah that's fine!" Louis said. He loved shopping.
"Harry on a more serious note, did anyone else see those open cuts, and scares, and bruises?" Niall said.
"Yeah I saw those but what do you think happened?" Liam said.
"I don't know but let's ask her when she comes down." I said.
"Molly is so beautiful! She is soooo cute!" Zayn said.
"Oh my God I love Molly already! But we need to get her comfortable with us." Niall said.
"Yep...... Molly your ready!" I said trying to let the boys know she is here.
"Molly meet the lads!" I said
"Hi Molly I'm Liam"
"Hey I am Niall nice to meet you Molly"
"Vas Happening! I'm Zayn" classic Zayn.
"Hello I'm Louis the Tommo"
"And you know me!" I said.
"Hello" she said shyly.
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