I Never Knew

Molly is just like you and me. A fun and outgoing girl who seems to enjoy life. But once she gets home she lives a completely different life. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 11 and she is now living with her abusive uncle. He rapes, cuts, burns, hits, punches and kicks her. When she finally gets the chance to escape this life she takes it, but she has nowhere to go so she just keeps running. What happens when she is found by the famous boy band one direction? Will she open up to them or keep it bottled inside? And will her uncle find her?

please 14+ sexual and cussing included. <3


1. Escape

"Get your fucking ass down here right now Molly or you'll get it later!" Great way to start the day right! No. That was my uncle, or shall I say Jim. I have been living with him for six years of my life, my parents died in a car crash when i was eleven and he was my only living relative. I am seventeen now and he has made my life a living hell. Honestly I would rather be dead then with him.
If I didn't do what he said then I would get an extra beating or rape, so I hustled down there as fast as I could.
"Yes sir?"
"What took you so fucking long!" I hated when he swore but he did.
"I am sorry sir I just woke u....." BAM. And i winced in pain as i fell to the ground. He didn't even let me finish my sentence before he slapped me in the face.
Tears started to form in my eyes, even though I tried to hold them back some slipped out. I have had worse from Jim but it doesn't help with the pain.
"I'm so sorry sir it won't happen again." I will definintly have a bruise.
"You better hope not you fucking bitch! Now I am gonna have to punish you filthy slut!" and by punish he meant rape.
And with that said he came over to me and ripped open my shirt and leggings that I was wearing. He stared at me with hungry eyes and unclasped my bra and cut off my panties. Jim was not the gentle type so he, without giving me any warning, thrust himself right into me. And with no control I let out a scream because of the pain. "What was that bitch! Shut the fuck up!" and I did. But I did let the tears fall. Why me?
And he raped me for a good hour until he was satisfied.
"Now that I am done with you bitch clean this house while I go get more beer! And if it's not done you will be punished again!"
"Yes sir." I said still crying.
He left and I was finally alone. I ran up to my room and got out my journal, my one and only place where I could get my thoughts and feelings out. Jim will take awhile because he likes to go to a club and get drunk while he is out. So I had a good three of four hours to myself. While I was writing a question popped into my head, why don't I just leave! And I was almost mad at myself for not thinking of this sooner. I could just walk/run right out!
I quickly got a bag ready filled with two shirts, a pair of jeans, some toiletries, and my life savings (361$). As I walked down the dim creaky hallway I was starting to have second thoughts but I willed myself to do it.
I neared the front door, and just to be sure I looked out the window to make sure Jim was gone and he was. I open the door and I sprinted down the sidewalk as fast as I could. Leaving my past behind.

A/N: hey this is my first story! Please let me know what you think and I will post a new chapter soon! Love! :)

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