What i saw changed my life

My name is Kylie. I was seventeen when i found my boyfriend Harry Styles in bed with another girl. I always knew he was a flirt but not a cheater.


7. while they were gone

While they were gone I tried to go to sleep but then Harry walked in and said he was sorry for everything he was drunk and i shook my head no and pointed to the door. He said he wouldnt leave til i forgave him so I pressed a button that called a nurse she asked if everything was okay i shook my head no and pointed to Harry. she got the hint and told him to leave and as he was leaving Niall and Liam walked in and they had seen the nurse have to escort Harry out they asked if I was ok and I shook my head no. I was sick of Harry ruining everything.



It had been three years since everything happened I still didn't talk and I was still mad at Harry and Niall and Liam made sure to keep him away from me. Even after everything that happened I was happy I had and a phenomaniall cousin (see what i did there) and three best mates.

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