What i saw changed my life

My name is Kylie. I was seventeen when i found my boyfriend Harry Styles in bed with another girl. I always knew he was a flirt but not a cheater.


6. Waking up

All I could see was black then Harry hitting me saying I deserved that for telling people what happened. Then I woke in what looked like a hospital. Niall was laying in the bed with me and it look as if he had been crying. Then I seen Liam in the chair it looked as though he had been crying too. They were both asleep then I seen Harry wide awake staring at me. I started to freak out. Which woke Niall up. He asked what was wrong. but I couldn't talk I refused to last time I opened my mouth I got hit and ended up here so maybe it would be better if I don't speak. I pointed to Harry and he got an upset look in his face and Niall told him to leave and he did as he was told and asked if I was ok i shook my head yes. By now Liam was up too. Liam was my best friend. I asked how long I had been in the hospital and they said I was in a coma for three months. I could tell neiether of them had left since I got here because they both reaked. I told them to go home and take showers.

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