What i saw changed my life

My name is Kylie. I was seventeen when i found my boyfriend Harry Styles in bed with another girl. I always knew he was a flirt but not a cheater.


3. Talking

"What gave you the courage to talk" Niall asked

"The fact I feel safe around you and I know you won't hurt me."


It has been a year since I started talking. It was mine and Harry's anniversory and he got drunk and didn't remeber. So when he got home we ended up getting in a fight. I walked around town for three hours and when I got home I went to go into my room and seen Harry having sex with someone else. I ran crying to Niall's room.

"What's wrong Kylie," he asked

I was afraid to say anything because I know he gets mad easily and I didn't want him doing something drastic but I told him anyway. I could see the anger in his eyes. He told me to go to Liam's room. so I did.



Authors note: Sorry this one was short

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