Bexley is best friends with One Direction. They've all been friends ever since the X-Factor. But now, 3 years later, their lives have changed completely. They've become one of the biggest bands in the world, and the boys have also changed. Some of them want to be a little more than friends with Bexley, and she doesn't know what to do. Is she ready to give up an amazing friendship? How can she bare to hurt one of them? Will she learn to find who she wants to be with, with out having to worry every second of every day?


4. At Leighton's

Niall's POV:

"I just, I just don't know what to do..." I told Liam. I always went to him when I had a problem with a girl, or anything for that matter. He was just such a good listener. I leaned back in the lounge chair and set my snapback in my lap. I stared around the flat we shared together, the giant flat screen and xbox sitting in the far corner of the living room, the large brick fireplace, and the brand new leather couch set we had recently purchased.

Liam stared at me from the sofa with a concerned look on his face. "You should just talk to Zayn," He said, "It can't hurt, right?" "Yes but he seems so mad, and I have no idea why." I replied, shifting my gaze back to him. "I think he's falling in love with her, though." "And that's a problem because..." Liam started to say, but I cut him off. "Because I'm in love with Bexley."

"Aye, what're you guys talking about?" Danielle said, walking into the living room cheerfully with some tea and scones. I had completely forgot she was staying with us for this weekend. "Oh hi, umm, I'm going to Leighton's. Bye guys." I said, jumping up to go to my car. But not before I stole a couple scones from Danielle's tray. 


Leighton's POV:

*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* I jumped when I heard someone at the door. That was weird, I wasn't expecting anyone. But I went to the door anyway to see who it was, and I saw Niall standing there through the peep hole. He looked really anxious for some reason, he was tapping his foot on the floor and looking around. I swung the door open and said, "Hey, Niall, what's up?" "Hi, can I please come in?" He replied, looking at me with his bright blue eyes. "Yeah, sure..." I said, but he barely even waited till I was done talking, because he just ran right past me. I wonder what he needed to talk about. "Umm...okay, come in!" I said sarcastically. But I immediately regretted saying it, because he shot me a look that meant he was not in a mood for joking.

"Sorry, Niall...Umm, what do you need?" I apologized, pulling out a chair at the table I was sitting at for him. "Thanks," he replied, sitting down, "I wanted to talk about Bexley..." "Oh, really?" I asked, but I was surprised. I had become closer with Niall than any of the other boys since Bexley had befriended them and introduced me. I just thought he might talk to Zayn or a guy that was close to her, so I don't know what I could help him with. "Yeah...umm...since you guys are like, uh, best friends, I thought you might be able to talk to her for me..." He stuttered. "Okay, sure, I'll tell her anything. What is it?" ", I didn't realize this would be so hard. And I'm not even telling her." "Niall, just tell me!" I demanded.

"Alright, alright. Well lately I've been sort of, maybe having feelings for Bexley." He told me, avoiding my eyes. "But I'm pretty sure Zayn likes her too. So I'm just confused about what to do, like should I tell her, make a move, warn her about Zayn, or let him have her...??" He started ranting. "Niall, calm down! Don't worry I'll talk to her, for sure." I promised. "Oh god, thank you. You're such a good friend, Leighton." He said, getting up to hug me. "Yeah, anything for you." I said, giving him a big grin. But he still looked sort of sad... "Wait, Niall, what's wrong? I thought you were happy." I asked, pulling away and searching for something in his eyes that would give me an answer. "Well, it's just...even if she ends up not liking Zayn, I don't think she'll even want me." He said, looking up at me solemnly...

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