it is about a girl who likes music and dance. and she has a chance of becoming a star. but when she met the guy of her dreams she has second thoughts. she can either go with him to Spain or do the thing she loves most. her mom is not the best paid so they offered her a free scholarship to go to college for all four years and gets to dance all day. so when it come's down to it she picks..........


1. when we met

    ''Hanna time to go to school'' her mom yelled from down the hall. she got up and put on my purple shorty shorts and a purple tank-top. Then she did her hair like she always does up in a bun. she walked down the hall and sat with her mom. they ate eggs and bacon for breakfast . they didn't talk much her and he mom have been distant lately. she walked out the door before her mom could do any thing. when she got in her car her mom came out and gave her a kiss on the forehead. and then she backed out of there driveway.

     when she got to school her best friend was at her locker her name is Aria. ''hey'' Aria said ''hi'' Hanna said. ''whats up'', ''nothing you'' aria said ''same'' Hanna said '' time to go to school'' Aria said and they walked to class together. when they entered the class room the teacher said they where late so they got detention. when they got out of that class aria suggested they skip the rest of the day Hanna said yes. they went to Arias house. she had a big house it was a tan color and had lots of windows and when they entered her house there the was where tan like out side but this color was more of an inviting tan. Her room was big she had a laptop in the corner of her room and she had a king sized bad and her walls where a purplish. they sat down on her bed and talk about  Arias mom . her mom had recently lost her job and they might have to move. so they where spending as much time together as they could when it was a bout lunch time they went to go get ice cream. then Hanna went back to her house. when she got home she thought her mom would be a work but she was in side on the couch. Hanna didn't see her so she just walk in. ''what are you doing home'' her mom asked '' we go let out early'' Hanna told her mom '' ow you did '' her mom said '' i got a call from your teacher, she said your where not in class today... would u like to tell me why'' '' not really'' Hanna said. ''your grounded for two weeks go up stairs'' her mom told her '' I HATE YOU'' she yelled to her mom and ran to her room.

When she got to her room she jumped out her window because her room is on the first floor.She went to Arias.When she got there she found out that Aria was going to a party at Arias boyfriend Drew's house so she decided to join her. They had to walk cause Aria got her car took away when she wrecked it .when they got their there where already a bunch of people their. they went in and found Drew he was with a guy, a ''cute'' boy. they walked up to them. ''hey babe'' drew said ''hey'' '' this is my friend Aron'' drew said '' hi''said Hanna ''come with me babe'' drew said to Aria ''ok''.

''whats your name'' Aron asked Hanna


''that's a pretty name'' 


''do you want to go some where quieter'' 

''ya'' Hanna said

They went out on to the deck out back. It was a nice evening. it was a little cold.

''drew said that i should get to know you better''  Aron said  ''he said we might have a lot of things in common''

''ok what do u want to know about me''

''lets play 20 questions''


''first question is what is your fav thing to do''?

''um i like to dance a lot''

''mine to i love too dance'' 

''may i have this dance''?

''yes you may''.

The 20 questions ended short. Aron went to the DJ and told him to play a slow song and slipped him a 10. 

''lets dance''

They started to dance in the middle of the living room  and every one moved to the side. he Twisted her into his arms and then he kissed her. she pulled away because she was surprised. She has never been kissed before.

''i'm sorry i thought you wanted me too''

''no it's ok''

And then she kissed him on the lips long and hard.

''how come i have never seen you at school'' Hanna asked Aron

''i just moved here''

''ow so when will you be in school''



''can i have your number''

'' come over here'

they walked back to the deck.

''875-676-3958'' Aron said


''give me yours''


they kissed again and then Aria walked up.

''wow leave you guys alone for 20 mins and you are already making out'' Aria commented.

''that's right you left us alone what else where we supposed to do wait here awkwardly for you to come back.'' Hanna said.



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