The Night That Changed Our Lives.

Megan, Carissa, and Marley are best friends in 11th grade. They love One Direction! When they're listening to the radio, they win tickets for 1D! When they get to the concert, they realize that they got an upgrade! When the girls meet the boys, the boys welcome them with open arms. They all become friends... but who becomes more than friends? Read The Night That Changed Our Lives to find out!
*Mature readers only*


8. The Kiss

I woke up to Megan, Carissa, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn hovering over me. I looked over to the corner of the room and Harry was sitting in a chair with his head in his hands.

"She's awake! She's awake!" Niall yelled over to Harry. Harry looked up quick and ran over to me and hugged me tight. 

"Are you alright love?" He asked me with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah. I just have a bit of a head ache." I said smiling at Harry. 

"Zayn? Can you go ask Paul to get some ibuprofen for Marley?" Harry asked as Zayn started to walk away. Zayn nodded yes and walked out the door. Harry helped me sit up. He put his hand on my back. I got chills. The dress I was wearing was backless so Harry's hand was on my bear back. His hand is so soft! I rested my head on his shoulder as I waited for Paul or Zayn to come back with my ibuprofen. I looked over at Megan. She was giving me a look of urgency. She wanted to go and hang with Niall. I slightly nodded my head and she skipped away to Niall. All of a sudden Harry started to sing 'Little Things', oh my goodness! His voice is incredible!  

"I know you never loved the sound of you voice on tape, you never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but your perfect to me. I  wont let these little things slip, out of my mouth, but if it's true, it's you, it's you, they add up to, I'm in love with you, and all these little things." He sang in a sexy voice. Then he stopped. My heart dropped, I wanted him to sing to me forever. He looked at me with his gorgeous eyes and leaned in to kiss me.

'Marley!!... I need your help!" Megan shouted at me. I gave her a look. I knew what she was doing. She wanted to kiss Niall before but I wouldn't let her. So now she's doing it to me! 

"Thanks so much!" I said sarcastically as we walked out side of the room. 

"Your welcome." She said back. Carissa came running out of the door to us.

"You have to see this!" Carissa said showing me her phone screen. It was me...on the ground... after I fainted a few hours ago. I looked at the top of the screen to see who posted it. It was Jackie. She commented below. 'Wow! I'm so embarrassed for dis girl. She goes to my school too! She's so lame.' Paul inturupted me giving me the ibuprofen.

"Thank you!" I said to Paul. I looked back down at the phone.

"Oh my God!" I screamed as I read all of the comments. I never knew people could be so mean. Harry must have heard my scream and ran out to make sure I was okay. I looked at him and he came over to see what was wrong. He looked at the screen and sighed.

"Well... umm... I don't know what to say..." Harry said with a sad face. Megan saw Niall and when to talk to him.

       Megan's POV-

I feel horrible for Marley! Don't get me wrong, I love Marley, but this is my chance to go and talk to Niall. I walked over to him.

"Hey" I said happily to Niall.

"Oh hey! What's up babe?" He said back. Oh my God! He called me babe! He called me babe!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

"Nothing much... Can I talk to you for a second?" I asked him hesitantly. He smiled and took my hand and lead me into another room.

"Before you say anything I need to do something.' He said as he closed the door behind me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me close. He leaned in kissed me so passionately I could barley breath. After, he looked me in the eyes.

"So.. whatcha want to talk about?" He asked.


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