The Night That Changed Our Lives.

Megan, Carissa, and Marley are best friends in 11th grade. They love One Direction! When they're listening to the radio, they win tickets for 1D! When they get to the concert, they realize that they got an upgrade! When the girls meet the boys, the boys welcome them with open arms. They all become friends... but who becomes more than friends? Read The Night That Changed Our Lives to find out!
*Mature readers only*


12. The Fight

It's been a two days since I've herd from Harry. I miss him a lot. I miss his voice. His hair. His... lips. Oh my god his lips. Megan and Carissa weren't at school today so I had to sit alone at the lunch table, in science class, and in homeroom. I had to sit alone because Jacob went on vacation. In Gym, Jackie came up to me.

"Wow! I thought you were dead! At the concert you were laying on the ground! Were you sleepy or did that weird dude with the dinosaur hat knock you out?"

"Well I'm here now aren't I?

"Sadly!" She said in a mean tone. I felt a surge of anger come over me.

"What the fuck have I ever done to you!? Why do you hate me so much? Why are you such a bitch to me?!?" I yelled trying to get rid of the anger that had been building up inside of me for the past two years. She gave me a look of disgust. People started to form around us chanting 'fight... fight... fight' Jackie looked at her posse and looked back at me. I realized I did something very wrong.

She swung her fist and hit my face. I flew against the lockers in the locker room. She started to punch me and kick me. I tried to shied my self but I didn't know how to fight so all I did was say "Stop!" but that didn't work. So I gave up. I let her finish. Besides... what did I have to loose besides my friends and Harry?

After we went to the principles office, he sent me to the nurse. When I walked in she didn't even recognize me! She couldn't believe I got in a fight. She told me to call my mom or dad to give me a ride home but I told her that they were at work and that I have my own car. So she had me sign out and I drove home.

When I got home, The first thing I did was call Megan.

"Hello?" She said in a raspy tone.

"I got into a fight with Jackie today."

"Oh my God! What happened? She asked almost crying. I quick sent her a picture of my swollen face and my arms. My face was bloody and I had a huge cut on my cheek from her gangster ring. My arms had a hole bunch of bruises on it from her kicking me. She didn't text back! 

A few minutes later I herd a knock at the door, It was Megan. She pushed in the door and hugged he tight. I screamed out in pain.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I'm going to kill that bitch! I'm going to do so many things to her... she'll wish she was never born!"

"Don't! She's way to strong!

"I know but I'm still going to try!"

"Don't ! I don't want you to get hurt!"

"Sorry but I don't have a choice!"

"Yes you do! And you're going to choose the correct one! To not do anything!"

"Fine! But I will get her back one day! She yelled. Carissa came in right them and started to cry.

"Carissa... Megan you both need to leave now! I can't let you guys see me anymore like this!" I cried as I pushed them out the door.

Later that night I herd a knock at the door. It was Harry!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god! He can't see my like this!!!
"Marley!!! Open up!!!! Marley!!!! Please!!! Open up!!!!! Megan called me and told me everything!! Please open the door!!!!!" He yelled as he banged on the door.

"No! I can't let you see me like this!!!"

"Please!!!!!!! Open the door! You're making me think the worse!!!" He yelled trying to get in. I couldn't let him suffer anymore. I opened the door. He looked like he saw a ghost. He quick ran and hugged me softly. It didn't hurt at all. I closed the door behind him and we sat on the couch.

"I can't believe someone would do this to you!" He said as tears rolled down his eyes.

"Well they did."

"How are you so calm!?!"

"I got my anger out, I was holding it in for a really long time."

"Well I'm glad you got it out!" He said in a happy tone. He looked at me and leaned in to kiss me.

"What are you doing!?! I look horrible!"

"I don't care about what you look like! What matters to me is what's on the inside! You're an incredible person that I really like!!" He said as he slid a piece of hair that was in my face behind my ear. I smiled and nodded. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I think I'm falling for him.

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