The Night That Changed Our Lives.

Megan, Carissa, and Marley are best friends in 11th grade. They love One Direction! When they're listening to the radio, they win tickets for 1D! When they get to the concert, they realize that they got an upgrade! When the girls meet the boys, the boys welcome them with open arms. They all become friends... but who becomes more than friends? Read The Night That Changed Our Lives to find out!
*Mature readers only*


21. Paula

Harry's POV

When I got out of the shower I went downstairs to get something to eat. I sat down on the couch and waited for Marley to get home. After a few hours, I knew something was wrong. I had a bad feeling in my gut. So I drove over to her parents house and her car was there, so I got out of my car and walked up to the door. It was wide open. I ran in, nobody was inside. I ran around the house trying to find her. I ran up to her room. I saw her purse near the closet. I looked down to see blood stains. I began to panic. I pulled out my phone and called Paul.

"Hello?" He said friendly.

"Paul! I need you to track down Marley's phone!"

"I can't find her! I've tried calling her 10 times, but she isn't picking up!" I said as tears ran down my eyes.

"Okay. Hold on for on moment." I could hear Paul say as he got up from something. A few minutes later Paul asked me for her number. I gave it to him and I herd typing in the background. 

"She's in a warehouse on Center St." He said in a hurry. I said thank you and hung up the phone. I ran out to my car and drove to the warehouse. I ran in nobody was there. So I ran around. When I came to a door that was cracked open I peeked through. There she was, my beautiful girlfriend, with blood all over her. I pushed the door open and ran towards her and the man who was with her. I saw all the blood and the smirk on his face. So I punched him... hard. I quick grabbed her and she whispered into my ear "M-Mom!" I could tell that whoever did this to Marley, did it to her mom too. So we ran for about 5 minutes until I saw her mom in a room with glass windows. Marley and I quick ran in and untied her mom. I carried her out and we ran out side and into my car. Marley's mom wasn't responding so I drove as fast as I could to the nearest hospital.

Marley's POV

We pulled up to the local hospital and carried my mom inside. She was starting to go into shock. She was shaking and not responding to me or Harry. We ran into the ER carrying my mom. A nurse ran over to us and asked us what happened. I froze. What the hell was I surppost to say?!? My dad was cheating on my mom and she found out and he kidnapped both of us and hurt us. NO!!!!! The lady seemed really sweet, but I couldn't trust her yet.

"It's a long story. Just get her help!!!!" I said as the nurse called for help. A team of other nurses came running from another room and carried my mom away. I knew she was in good hands. I collapsted on the floor and started to cry. I couldn't believe that this was happening. Harry sat down beside me and hugged me tight. I felt so safe but yet so scared in his arms. Men can be horrible, I know that now. So now I guess I'm a bit afraid of the possibilities. Another nurse came over to us.

"Do you want me to clean you up?" She said trying to help, and well... I needed it! I nodded my head and she helped me up. I held Harry's hand as she led us to a room with chairs and medical things. Sadly Harry couldn't come in so I had to go in alone. I sat down on the chair and she started to clean all the blood away. 

"So, tell me what happened." She said in a kind voice. She reminded me of a black Paula Deen. She had a southern accent and she was really chubby. I felt really safe.

"It's a long story."

"Well, I like long stories!" She said smiling!

"My dad's cheating on my mom."

"Well how did that get chu here?"

"I found out and he thretened me if I told my mom. And I told her."

"If he thretened you, they why did you tell her?"

"Because I didn't think he would do anything!" I said as tears ran down my eyes. She wiped away my tears with her gloved hand. 

"So, what happened?"

"He kidnapped my mom, and then me. He hired some guys to "teach us a lesson"." I said holding up my fingers to quote him. She gave me a sympathetic smile and gave me the signal to open my mouth. I did and her eyes got big.

"Oh honey!" She said looking inside my mouth.

"A guy pulled out my tooth. And another guy..." I couldn't finish the sentence. What would she do if I told her that I was raped!

"And another guy what?" She said looking concerned.

"H-He for-forced me t-to..." I said as more tears ran down my face. She knew what I was talking about. She hugged me tight and rubbed my back trying to calm me down. When we came out of the hug she was crying too.

"You know who you remind me of?" She said sniffing back the tears. I tilted my head in question.

"You remind me of me when I was your age. My parents were going through a devorce and the same thing happened to me. Except my dad didn't do anything to hurt me. But I know how you feel... Now... Let me take a better look at your mouth." She said trying to smile. I couldn't believe that this had happened to someone else before. I didn't quite feel so alone anymore.

"So... who's the cutie you came in with?"

"Oh that's my boyfriend Harry." I said with a smile over coming my face. She looked out the room window.

"Look at this!" She said motioning her head towards the window. I got up and looked. Their was Harry, with his hand in his hands. He was crying.

"Wow! You got a good one!" She said as we both sat back down so she could out a few stitches in my mouth. When she finished up I couldn't help but ask her, her name.

"What's your name?"


"I was really nice meeting you Paula!" I said as I left the room. I couldn't believe that her name was Paula! When I closed the door Harry was standing behind me with tears in his eyes. I hugged him tight to let him know that I was okay! We were all going to be okay! He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in close. His height towering over me. I never noticed how tall he really is. He bent down until our lips met. MAN!!!! It seems like every time we kiss I hear fireworks! Every time!!!

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