The Night That Changed Our Lives.

Megan, Carissa, and Marley are best friends in 11th grade. They love One Direction! When they're listening to the radio, they win tickets for 1D! When they get to the concert, they realize that they got an upgrade! When the girls meet the boys, the boys welcome them with open arms. They all become friends... but who becomes more than friends? Read The Night That Changed Our Lives to find out!
*Mature readers only*


10. Going Home

I don't want to leave but it's 3:45 am and we need to get home now. We were supposed to be home about 3 hours ago. Megan, Carissa and I gathered our things and started to leave, but I heard Harry call my name.

"Marley! Wait!!!" Harry called right before I walked out the door.

"What's up?" I asked in a hurry. He grabbed my cheeks and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Please call me. Okay?" He said in a calm voice. 

"Okay." I said as I kissed him on the cheek. Megan and Carissa were already in the car waiting for me so they didn't see Harry and I kiss. When I got out to the car my heart was racing. I was just kissed by Harry Styles! Once I got in the car I buckled my seat belt and took a deep breath. Megan and Carissa were staring at me.

"What happened?" Carissa asked.

"I finally got some action!" I said as I put the key in the ignition.

"Oh my God!" Megan said as she buckled up.

"I guess we're all dating guys from One Direction now!" Megan said as I froze.

"You and Niall, You and Louis?!?" I asked as I pointed at each of them.

"Yep. Yea" Megan and Carissa said as we drove off. I don't think me and Harry are dating! I don't think I even want to! He going to be on tour, I have school. It's just to complicated!


When we got home, we had to sneak in. My mom and dad were sleeping so we had to be really quiet as we got ready. I was the last one to get to bed because I had to wash all the dirt off my dress, which took 30 minutes. After I brushed my teeth and took off all of my make up, my phone vibrated. It was Harry.

Are you still up? If you are call me. I really want to talk with you some more. - xo Harry

So I went out side into my back yard and called him.

"Hello? Marley?" He asked as he answered the phone.

"Yeah it's me. What's up?" I asked missing the sound of his voice.

"I just wanted to hear your voice again." He said. I almost started to cry. I felt the same way! Wow! His misses me that much. Wow! I must be pretty special! 

"Well I thin I need to get to bed. I have school in the morning." I said not wanting to end the conversation. I heard him sigh.

"Okay. Well... call me tomorrow. No I'll call you. What time do you get out of school?"

"I get out at 2:40" 

"Okay! I'll call you at 2:45!" He said in a happy voice.

"Okay! I'll talk to you then! Bye"

"Bye love." He said before he hung up the phone. I really like him! I've never felt this way about anyone before!

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