One Direction Imagines

want on comment the the boy


3. for Mrs.Malik2B with zayn( she is perrie in the story)

You and Zayn have been dating for along time now and tonight he is taking you out to your fave place to eat

at and you are wondering why he is taking you. you finish getting ready the Zayn takes you to the car and you to

drive of the the place when you to get there it is completely empty. the waiter come and takes you to your set you

order and wait for your food to come. your food gets here and you to finish talking then Zayn gets up and walks around to you and gets on one keen and pulls out a box and opens it."Perrie Edwards, will you do me the honor of being with me forever?" "Yes!" you say back to him. A few days later, it's your wedding day. You have on a long with dress and your long wavy hair is up nicely. Your dad walks you down the aisle. Then preacher says, "Do you, Zayn Malik, take Perrie Edwards to be your wife?" "Yes." "And, do you, Perrie Edwards, take Zayn to be your husband?" "yes." "You may now kiss the bride," he says and you and Zayn kissed. you are now Perrie malik


a/n hope you like it

-Liam's Love

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