One Direction Imagines

want on comment the the boy


2. for 1Dforev143 with harry

Today, you and your best guy friend, Harry, are going to see a movie. You have always liked Harry more than a friend, but you have never told him. You and Harry have been friends for as long as you can remember. You and Harry got to the movies and Harry asked you wanted to see. You said Love Actually, then you to go take a seat. When the movie is over, Harry looks at you and says,"Taylor, we have been friends for as long as I can remember and every time I'm around you, I feel something special. I was hoping that you would be my girlfriend?" Harry looked at you. "Yes!" you said, hugging him then you two kissed. After that, you went back to Harry's place where you two fell asleep.


A/N: Hope you liked it! :D

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