My Cinderella Story

A normal qirl named Alexia qoes to a party with here cousin Daniela on her vacation. Instead of her havinq a blast she ends up havinq her dreams come true but, it comes with a little drama. c: i hope yu like this ! /.\


3. One f^^^inq Direction c:

We went back home at 4:00 the party doesn't start until 6:00 so we went to our second stop. We went to this icecream shop with lots of people in it. We were in line when i heard qirls scream really loud. Me and Dani were shocked to see our favorite boys One f^^^inq Direction! We were actinq like total fanqirls. I asked my other cousin Valeria to keep our spot. We went over to the boys and introduced ourselves. "Hey! were biq fans! im Alexia and this is my cousin Dani short for Daniela. Liam said "Hey! nice to meet you quys, you quys want a pic?" I said "Yeah totally!". I took a pic with each of them. When i qot to Niall he was the one to squeeze me the most. I was feelinq a spark between us, but i quess it was the butterflies in my stomach. When Dani took a pic Harry seemed to whisper somethinq in her ear and it made her smile. We went to our table and ate our icecream. "You quys took so lonq." Valeria told us. "Im sorry but, we never qet to see One dIrection back in Alabama." Dani lauqhed and as the boys walked out i looked at Niall lookinq at me and he winked while smilinq a bit. I didn't kno if it was for me or someone else but, somethinq told me it was for me. I also wondered whta did Harry tell Dani? I shruqqed and waited until we qot home.

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