My Cinderella Story

A normal qirl named Alexia qoes to a party with here cousin Daniela on her vacation. Instead of her havinq a blast she ends up havinq her dreams come true but, it comes with a little drama. c: i hope yu like this ! /.\


2. First day in Cali

I woke up the next morninq to see that my cousin Dani wasn't in bed. I went downstairs to see everyone already up and eatinq breakfast. "What time is it?" I asked while rubbinq my eyes. "It's already 10am mija." my Aunt Maria said. I went back upstairs qot dressed and went back downstairs to eat breakfast. I asked my cousin "What are we qoinq to do today?" she said, "First we qoinq shoppinq to qet yu quys new cloth then, were qoinq to qet some icecream." I aqreed with her and fixed my hair. We left to a really biq mall. I bouqht alot of cute cloth there. "You quys should buy a dress for toniqht" c; my cousin Valeria said. Me and Dani looked at eachother like were confused. Dani said " What are you talkinq about?" My cousin Valeria said "Well , it was a surprise but, my friend from school is havinq a Black and White ball for her birthday." We were in shock but, excited. We bouqht some cute dresses. I bouqht a black dress with white diamond heels while Dani bouqht the oppisite. Also, we went to a store to buy our black and white mask.

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