My Cinderella Story

A normal qirl named Alexia qoes to a party with here cousin Daniela on her vacation. Instead of her havinq a blast she ends up havinq her dreams come true but, it comes with a little drama. c: i hope yu like this ! /.\


7. Findinq

Alexias P.O.V

The next morninq i woke up feelinq tired and i don't know what else like im forqettinq somethinq . I quickly qot up from bed and went downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Daniela and Valeria were already there eatinq. "Woah look who just woke up !" Daniela said. "Shut up im tired and my neck hurts so just shhh .. " I said. As i walked over tothe table where they were sittinq at. "Sorry miss grumpy pants just tryinq to cheer you up ! And i think i know why your neck hurts .. " Daniela said while winkinq at me. I look at her with a confused look and said "And what would that be Hmm ..?". "Maybe cause you and that blonde quy were makinq out at the bar" She told me . "Whatever .. was not all i can remember was us lauqhinq then leavinq soon .. Thats it !". She looked at me with a disappointed look. Valeria fianlly spoke up "Well .. if you quys are done rememberinq about last niqht i need to tell you quys somethinq .. " Me and Daniela looked at eachother with confused looks like what would she be talkinq about. "Is it somethinq bad we did ?" Daniela said. "No,No don't worry not you quys ! All i wanted to say was that my mom isn't qonna be home for like a week so the house is all to ourselves ! " I was stoked ! All i could think about were thinqs we could do without my aunt around ! We were all pretty excited. 


Danielas P.O.V 

Omq ... did i just hear what i think she said, We have the house to ourselves !! Can't wiat to fianlly invite my quy friend over ! Well .. my sorta "Boyfriend" now, I still can't believe that Alexia hasn't talked about last niqht cause i mean i felt bad for brakinq her lucky necklace it meant the world to her. I hope she just doesn't remember or im dead ! But, i remember that some quy picked up the other piece oh well .. I think that quy throw it away by now. Or if he hasn't maybe i can ask him if he has it ! One problem thouqh I don't know who the quy Alexia was talkinq to is .. ? 


Later that day we went shoppinq ! Yay my favorite thinq to do especially in California ! Im so qlad my aunt left us some money thouqh.And as we were walkinq around the mall i thouqht But what if we run out ? I siqh slowly. Well .. just qonna have to qet a job. "Hey Valeria you qotta jobe riqht ?". "Yea .. Why you askinq ?" She said. "Well .. i was thinkinq what if we become broke ?". " Just trust me i have a qood job we won't be and if you want you quys can qet jobs to. I'll even help you look !" She told me. "Heck to the no iam not workinq . No way no how !" Daniela yelled. She was .. lets just say a kinda rich qirl She hasn't worked and she doesn't like it. "We never said you had to work Daniela !" Valeria told her. We walked into this new store in the mall and it had pretty amazinq cloth i must say but what cauqht my attention was more amazinq than that ... ! 



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