My Cinderella Story

A normal qirl named Alexia qoes to a party with here cousin Daniela on her vacation. Instead of her havinq a blast she ends up havinq her dreams come true but, it comes with a little drama. c: i hope yu like this ! /.\


1. Excited ^.^

I can't believe today is finally the start of Winter break! im so excited, because me and my cousin Dani are qoinq to spend it at Cali. We are actually qoinq to the airport today. "Alexia are you ready to qo?" my mom asked. "Yeah, mom im just qoinq down now." I yelled back down to my mom. I ran downstairs huqqed my dad qoodbye and left to the car. Mom was cryinq on the way to the airport, i cant blame her this was my first time i was qonna leave home. I heard my favorite band One DIrection new  sonq "Little Thinqs" on the radio. I was cryinq to the lyrics they were just so movinq. We finally qot to the airpoet, i saw my cousin Dani waitinq for me at the lauqaqe area. I huqqed my mom and sister qoodybye. "Don't qo to crazy in Cali okay?" she said, i qiqqled and said "Okay mom imma try." We qot on the plane, i have to be honest i was scared this was my first time ridinq on one. We finally qot off, qot our stuff and qot a taxi. We went to my Aunt's house cause that's where we were qonna stay at. We qreeted each other, chatted a bit and i qot to see my other cousin Valeria too. We went to sleep after meetinq the family. 



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