Can A Bad Boy Change?

My name's Christy Collins. I am 16 and from Florida. My dad got a job in England, so we moved there. I had to start at a new school. I got some attention from guys. Especially from Harry Styles and his group. Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. They were considered the "bad boys" And Harry "wants" me. Can I fall for him? Can he change for me?


4. You Want Me

Christy POV

Harry closed the door behind us. He looked at me. His eyes were dark and filled with lust. He took off his blazer. He walked back over to me. 

He put his hands back on my waist and started to kiss my neck. I moaned in pleasure and I could feel him smile. I felt the mark he was making on my neck.

He brought his lips back up to mine and started off with soft little pecks. Then, he started to get a little more rough. His lips connected with mine for a while. He started to bring his tongue in. I let him.

He is a really good kisser. We started to walk back to his bed. He sat down and I was on his lap. I found his sweet and sucked  right below his earlobe. He threw back in pleasure. He was laying down while i was on top of him. My legs were on either side of him.

When I was finished doing that, I kissed his lips again. We moved together in sync. Harry moved one hand around my back. His other hand was going up and down my leg. I felt both of hands go up my shirt.

I was too much enjoying the taste of lips to stop. He got to my bra and undid the clasp. That's when I pulled up. He looked confused, "You alright?" he asked me.

"Harry..I can't." He sat up and pt his hands on my waist. "Can't what?" "I can't have sex with you," I answered him. He looked a little offended. " That's not what I meant. It's not that I don't want to-" "So you do wanna have sex with me?" He cut me off.

"I didn't say that either," I shot back. he had a smug look on his face. "So why can't you?" He raised his eyebrows. I answered him, "1. I don't have sex guys on the 2nd date. 2. You met me and like, claimed me. I wasn't yours to begin with. 3. I have bad relationship pasts...." My voice trailed off as tears started to fall. 

"hey..don't cry. Wanna tell me about them?" I shook my head. Harry came up and hugged me from behind. "You can tell me everything," he whispered and gently kissed my temple.

I sighed and said, "Ok...I'll tell you." He nodded his head and I began, "Harry...I haven't had a boyfriend that has actually cared about me or loved me. Most of them cheated on me. All they wanted was to have sex with me. And when I didn't give them what they wanted, they cheated. I mean, they could have at least just broken up with me. I even caught one of my boyfriends having sex with another girl. And it hurt..really bad. It makes me think that I wasn't a good girlfriend. Like, I did something wrong. It's one of the reasons of why I have so many insecurities. Some of them just dated me for my money. My last boyfriend, Evan, he...he would abuse me. He hit me all the time. And..when he gets drunk, it got worse. He'd even call me 'fat' 'slut' 'bitch' 'ugly' 'a worthless piece of shit' I still have the scars from when he hit me. I tried to break up with him, but he wouldn't let me. I didn't tell him I moved and my friends tell me he's still looking for me."

Harry was angry. His grip on me was tight. I sobbed in his chest. "Harry...I don't want to get hurt anymore. I don't......I don't want him to find me," I choked out. "I'm so sorry that happened to you. I won't hurt you. He's never going to touch you. I'll make sure he's sorry if I find him first," Harry calmed me down.

"Oh..and Harry?" He looked at me as I continued, "You should know that I'm a virgin." He smiled. "Aww how cute. A sweet and innocent girl," he teased.

"Oh I'm cute?" I asked. "No" I frowned. "Am I pretty?" He smiled and said, "Nooope." My jaw dropped and I suddenly felt embarrassed. Harry tilted his head and continued speaking, "You're not pretty. You're beautiful and gorgeous." I felt my cheeks burn up.

"Can I see your scars?" Harry asked. I nodded my head uneasily. I lifted my shirt up and revealed the back, blue, and purple marks. Harry gasped a little. He ran his fingers on him. 

"Lay down," he ordered. I lay down on his bed, and he brought his head down to my stomach. He gently kissed each one of my scars. His touch lingered on my body. His curls ticked me and so I giggled. "What's so funny?" He asked amused.

"Your curls are tickling my stomach." he grinned evilly. "You're ticklish?" My eyes widened. "What? Me? Ummm..Noooo." Harry smiled at me. Then he started to tickle me. "Harry!!! St- stoppp!!!!" He laughed.

I finally got out of his grip and ran to the bathroom that he has in his room. I didn't go in though cause Harry didn't chase me. He studied me. He got up and grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of boxers out of the drawer. He gave them to me "Hear..put these on." 

I was confused, "Why?" "Cause you're sleeping here tonight." I wanted to stay, I wasn't gonna object. But, I decided to mess with him so I said, "No I'm not." He looked at me, "Well...unless you want to walk home tonight, I suggest you stay with me." " looks like I'm walking home."

I started to walk towards the door, but then he stopped me. He laughed and said, "Go and change." I was walking to his bathroom when he said, "You can change in here."

I raised my eyebrows as he smiled widely. "I'm not gonna do that. And plus, I need to fix my bra that you opened!" "You don't need to wear one. In fact, I prefer you wear nothing but the sheets from my bed," he whispered seductively in my ear. 

I turned around and hit his arm. "ouch! that hurt." he pouted and gave me the cutest puppy eyes I've ever seen. I laughed at him, "Sure it did. You deserved it too." i stuck my tongue out at him. 

I went into the bathroom to change. I came back out and froze at what I saw. Harry was in his boxers and taking his shirt off. He had such toned abs. He's gorgeous. he turned around and I didn't realize i was starring. 

"Like what you see?" he asked cockily. I rolled my eyes and got closer to him. I noticed tons of scars on him. I touched them and looked at him. He looked away and began to turn around. I grabbed his arms. "Harry..please tell me what happened?"

He just looked at me. His eyes grew dark again. He got that cold look in himself again. I got scared. "I don't wanna talk about it," he pushed past me and I stumbled backwards. Harry caught me. "I'm....I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I swear." 

I looked up at him. He seemed sorry and helpless like a little boy. Something must have happened to him.  I hugged him. I decided to just drop the subject. 

We got in bed and just lied there. I rolled over and looked at him. I played with his curls and nuzzled my head in the crock of his neck.

He breathed in deeply. His arms were wrapped around me, and my hands were tracing his scars. Eventually, we both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up in the same position from last night. "Morning beautiful," Harry said to me. "Morning." I tried to get up but he pulled me back down. "Don't go," he told me. "Harry we have to get to school." "Let's skip." I laughed, "Noo." "Ughh..fine."

I got up and went into his shower. He went into the other bathroom. I got out and wrapped myself in a towel and walked outside to get my clothes. Harry was there with a wide grin on his face. He eyed me up and down and did a throaty groan.

I rolled my eyes and walked back into the bathroom to out my clothes on. We went downstairs and Harry made some toast and tea.

"Thanks for breakfast," I said to him "No problem. C'mon he gotta get to school." he grabbed my hand and he drove us to school.

We got outta the car and everyone was starring at us. I walked to my locker and Harry went to his. Caroline walked up to me, "I told you to stay away from Harry. And now you went and had sex with him?!" I looked at her confused, "What? We didn't-" "Don't give me that bullshit. The whole school knows you were at his house last night and that you said sex with him. Well he doesn't want you anymore. he got what he wanted." She walked off.

I stood there speechless. What the hell was she talking about. Guys kept looking at me. I felt uncomfortable. They were giving me lustful looks.

This guy came up to me and pinned me against my locker. "What the hell? Get the fuck off of me!!" I yelled. 'Aww don't play hard to get baby. We all know you're easy. You had sex with Harry. Might as well add more guys to the list."

He started to kiss my neck. "get off!" I pushed him. He smiled. "And Harry and I did not-" before I could finish, he pushed me up against the locker and crashed his lips on mine. I struggled to push him off.

Then I felt someone take him off of me. It was Harry. He pushed him on the floor. "What the hell were you doing?!" Harry screamed. "Relax man. You got to fuck her last night. Move on like you always do. It's mine turn," said the boy as he looked at me and got up. 

I hid myself behind Harry. He tensed up and clenched his fist. Before I could comprehend what was happening, Harry had already swung a very forceful punch. He hit him right in the jaw. The fell to the ground. 

Harry punched him 3 more times. "Don't you ever touch her again!!!" Harry yelled. Then he added, "And I can't afford anymore detention, so nobody tell anyone about this or I'll beat the shit out of all of you." Harry grabbed my hand and we stormed off to our first lesson.

"You alright?" He asked me. "Yea. I'm fine." I tear rolled down my cheek. Harry stroked it away and hugged me. "I was scared. I didn't know what to do," I told him. "'s ok. I promised I wouldn't let anything or anyone hurt you."

I nodded my head. "Harry?" "Mhm?" He looked at me. I continued. "Why does everyone think we had sex last night." He laughed. "Cause honestly, that was the first time a girl has ever slept over my house without us having sex. I guess everyone assumed that's what happened."

"Really?" I asked amused. "yea. But you can admit now." "admit what?" "That you want me, " he said with a smile. I shook my head. "Keep dreaming Styles." 

We walked into class and everyone looked at us. The teacher wasn't here yet, so I took the opportunity to clear everything up. I took Harry's hand so we'd walk with me up in front of the class.

Everyone was whispering and some guys were whistling at me. Harry's grip tightened and I saw his jaw tense. I finally said, "Listen up people. Harry and I DID NOT have sex." More whispers broke out. "Why didn't you bang her Harry?" I heard say.

Harry ignored it and shook his head. The guy continued, "I would do it." Harry lost it. He let up go of my hand and started to go towards him. The guy looked scared. I ran up to Harry and stood in front of him. He tried to look past me so he could see the guy, but i moved every direction he did, so his eyes would stay on me.

He finally gave up and smiled at me. Harry then said loud and clear, "And...if any guy says something dirty to Christy or touch her, you better hope we're near an ambulance cause you're gonna need one when I'm done with you."

All the guys shut up. Harry and I took a seat. The teacher came in and we sat through a boring lesson. When it was done, we walked out the class.

Harry stopped me from moving. He started to kiss my neck. He gave me little soft kissed. I giggled. He went to kiss me on the lips. He bent down and I closed my eyes and leaned in. But at the last second, he kissed my cheek. I whimpered.

He deeply laughed and said in my ear, "You want me just as bad as I want you." He kissed my ear and walked off to his next class, and I just stood there not able to do anything.

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