Can A Bad Boy Change?

My name's Christy Collins. I am 16 and from Florida. My dad got a job in England, so we moved there. I had to start at a new school. I got some attention from guys. Especially from Harry Styles and his group. Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. They were considered the "bad boys" And Harry "wants" me. Can I fall for him? Can he change for me?


5. What Now?

Christy POV

Harry is getting to me. I dont know what to do. He protects me, but too much. I'm not matter how much he says it. I was walking, I saw Harry with Louis. I walked up to them.

Harry eyed me up and down and licked his lips. He smirked. "Hey Christy!!!" Louis said excitedly. I laughed, "Hey Lou.....hey Harry." He nooded his head and walked off.

What the hell? I thought. He makes out with me one minute, and then doesn't pay me any attention the next. *Eye roll*

"So what's up hot stuff?" Louis asked me. "hot stuff?" " stuff," he winked at me and I laughed again. "I'm good. How about you, fine ass." He laughed and said, "Fantastic"

"Oh yea? Why?" I asked. "Cause I know this really cool girl. She's gorgeous, smart, funny, and can kick ass when she wants to.": " I know her?" " do."

"Well who is it?" "Can't tell you," he said with a smug look. "Why not?!" 'Cause no one knows. Not even Hazz."

I sighed but then we continued to talk and have fun. This is why I love Louis. He's so awesome and always there to me.

We got to lunch and I took a seat next to Harry. "Hi" He said to me. "Hey" I looked away and Zayn started to talk, "We're all going to the movies on Saturday to see The Last Exorcism Part 2. Wanna come? Bring Sam." I smiled, "Yea that sounds great."

We were eating our lunch and I felt Harry's hand travel up my leg. I slapped his hand and walked to my locker to get my books.

I closed the locker door and Harry was standing there. "Come over tonight," he demanded. I looked him in the eyes and said, "No." I tried walking away but he grabbed my arm. "You're coming tonight. I didn't finish what I started," he winked at me.

"Finish what you started? You didn't start anything. I said we are not having sex." "I never said we were." I scuffed and attempted to walk off again but he forcefully pushed me up against the locker.

Damn why do guys keep doing this to me?! He crashed his lips against mine but he was really gentle about it. I really enjoyed it but I couldn't let him have that satisfaction.

I pushed him away, and he looked stunned. He tried to talk but I put my finger up to his lips, "Listen Styles.....You want me?" I started as I brought myself closer to him and pulled on his earlobe with my teeth, "You'll need to chase me. And believe's not gonna be easy."

And with that, I walked off leaving a skirking Harry. I turned around and blew him a kiss.

The day as going by quicker. I got to my next class hoping to see Harry, but he wasn't there.  I sat down disappointed. A half an hour later the principal walked in with Harry. "Harry was skipping your class and vandalized the lockersl. He wrote 'F-U-C-K school.' He has another month added to his detention and needs to scrub the spray paint off. And I hear he is failing this class, Physis? Get him a tutor"

The principal left and the teacher looked very disappointed at Harry. He just laughed while he high-fived one of his friends. The teacher looked for her files. 

"Harry, you will be tutored Collins." My eyes widened and Harry looked at me. "I guess I'll see you tonight then."

I left school and went home to see Sam. I told him everything that happened. "Wow. I'm sorry. Do you like him?" "Honestly, I dont even know. I'm confused. But i gotta go tutor him now. I'll see you tonight."

I drove to his house and then knocked on the door.

Harry opened it with a layed back chill look on his face. "Hey," i said. "Hi. come in." He led me back into the house and we sat on the couch.

He kept starring at me. "WHy do you keep looking at me?" "Cause you're hot," he laughed. "Let's just get started."

I got my book out but he didn't. "Where's your book?" "I don't own one." I laughed at him. "We will have to buy you one then. But now, you gotta share one with me."

He seemed happy about this idea. He scooted close to me.....really close. He put his arm around me and rested it on my thigh.

He squeezed it which made me jump and scoot closerto him. But I ended up jumping on my lap. He chuckled. I tried to get up but he pulled me back down.

I left myself in the position that i'm in and sighed. I tried to start talking and during the middle of me explaining something, he put his hands on my waist, spun me around, and kissed me. I pulled away though.

"Stop resisting me. It doesn't help your situation. It's not going to make me go away. Just kiss me." He went back to my neck and I tried to get away again, but his grip was tight and didn't let me go.

He came back up to my lips and kissed me tenderly. I stopped fighting it. He moaned when I bit his lip. He parted my lips with his tongue and he lied me down so he was in between my legs.

Why is he such a good kisser? We did that for about 10 minutes and I finally pulled away. "Harry we need to get some tutoring done." He groaned and tried to come back down to me. I didn't let him. I laughed and pushed him off of me but he was too strong.

"Harry get off of me," "Noo.." he whined and nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck. He can be such a child.I giggled. "Stay tonight," "I can't Harry. Sam is here and I'm suppose to be turoring you."

He was annoyed but gave in. We started the tutoring and he's actually really good at physics. He just doesn't do the work.

After we were done Harry walked me to the door. It was really late cause we fooled around half the time. "GoodNight Harry..." "Night Chrissy." He bent down to kiss me and I leaned in. But then I pulled away at the last second. He laughed, "fucking tease."

I laughed and went home. The next day I saw Harry and the boys waiting for me at my locker. Harry smiled at me and then looked away. My heart fluttered. What is he doing to me? Then, i saw Louis and he smiled and winked at me. MY stomach did a flip.

What the hell? Do I like him too? I never realised how fit he his. Fit? Oh god. Look what these boys are doing to me. I'm using more britishn words.

We all walked to class together. But then, everyone else walked off and it was just me and Louis. "Hey Christy?" "yea?" "Sooo...i was thinking about telling the girl that I like her, but between you and I......i'm really scared."

"Awww...Louis. That's so cute. But you should just tell her. I'm sure she likes you back." I was getting really jealous when he talks about this girl. He smiled uneasily and sighed, "Ok...i will. Later though." I nodded my head.

I went to class and met up with Harry. Hewas talking to Caroline though, so I didn't bother to talk to him. They've been a little close too.

I took my seat and sat through a boring chemistry class. Harry kept passing me notes. One said, 'What size bra are you ;)'  I smiled and shook my head. I wrote back 'none of your fucking business :P'

I passed it back to him and he laughed. He said 'I'll find out one way or another ;)' Then I said 'uh huh....sure. Whatever you say curly'

We basically just did that all class. I'm suprised we didn't get caught. The class ended and I walked out. Harry walked away while I wentto put my book away. I checked my phone and I had a text from Sam.

From Sammy<3: We're out of chocolate pudding O; T

This made me laugh.

To Sammy<3: Awww the poor baby. lol. Go buy some more. Use my car.

From Sammy<3: Yayyyyy!!!!! See you when you come home. Promise I won't eat it all :D

Gosh. I'm so lucky to have Sam. I was walking when I looked up and saw the most terrible thing that made my heart ache.

Harry was pushed up against Caroline snogging her face off. His hands were all over her and her hands were tangled in my H-.......Harry's hair. I felt a tear slide down. I was hurt. I stormed out.

I was looked were I was going and I ran into someone. I looked up and it was Louis. "Slow down there Chrissy." I just looked down. He liften my chin. "Chris whats wrong?"

I just hugged him tightly and said, "Harry was making out with Caroline." I sniffled. "I'm sorry Chrissy. You deserve better." He stroked my hair and kissed my head.

"Thanks Lou. You made me feel so much better," I smiled at him. "Chrissy?" "Mhm?" "So..." he began, "I said I was gonna tell the girl that I like her. it goes........I really really like you. I can't stop thinking about you."

I was shoked. But happy cause I really like him too. "I like you too Louis." He sighed in relief. He looked me in the eyes. he has gorgeous blue eyes. "If you give me the chance, I promise I won't hurt you. Will you please be my girlfriend?"

I smiled widely. I shook my head "Yess." He smiled and leaned in. He kissed me and it was so sweet. And in that time, he managed to make me feel so much better and forget about how much hurt I was feeling.

He pulled away and said, "You're a really good kisser." I laughed, "So are you." " are we gonna tell Harry."

I began to speak when I noticed a tall figure standing and watching in shock as Louis still had me in his arms. My eyes widened. It was Harry. He saw us kiss. Hurt was spread across his face.

His looked turned into angry and he bawled is fist and stormed off into the other direction banging lockers and slamming their doors.

Oh my god. What now?

*Author's note*

Heyyy guuyyys. This update is wayyy over due. SO sorry!!! 0; I'll try to update more often when I get the chance. I've just been really busy lately. Stupid tests!!!! >.< But anyways...please keep reading, commenting, favoriting. It means a lot :D\

~Alyssa Xx


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