Can A Bad Boy Change?

My name's Christy Collins. I am 16 and from Florida. My dad got a job in England, so we moved there. I had to start at a new school. I got some attention from guys. Especially from Harry Styles and his group. Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. They were considered the "bad boys" And Harry "wants" me. Can I fall for him? Can he change for me?


3. Kiss Me

Christy POV

"Oh my god, Sammy!!! This is the best surprise ever!!!.....But wait, how'd they let you in the school?" "Oh..I'm suppose to be 'shadowing' this school. But, i just came to see you, cause obviously, I'm not gonna be coming here," he explained. I nodded my head to show i understood. 

"So, where's this Harry guy," Sam whispered. Yes, I did tell him about Harry. I tell Sam everything. "He's the one starring into your soul like he's kill you."

He laughed, "Kill me? I don't think so. I'm as smart as a walnut but I can fight." Sam continued to laugh. I shook my head, "Sam..don't laugh. I'm not even playing around. I thought you were the best fighter I've seen before I met Harry. He is amazing, but really scary." 

Sam stopped laughing. "Has he hurt you?" Sam asked getting a little tense. "No. He said he would never hurt me. And he would never hit a girl." "Smart boy. Tell me when you want to get rid of him." I laughed, "'s not that easy." 

He sighed in frustrated. We sat down and talked the rest of class. At the end of class, I was walking out with Sam when I got pulled aside. Sammy was talking with Zayn, so he didn't notice me gone. 

"What do you want?" I spat. "Who's that?" Harry shouted angrily. "His name's Sam.  And he's been my best friend since we were 6 years old. We love each other so much," I was smiling by the end I finished talking. But Harry looked mad.

" You love him?" "As like a brother. But......we have tried one of those friends with benefits thing." Harry's eyes widened. "You had sex with him?" I laughed, "Noo...we made out.....a lot." Harry slammed his fist into the locker and it made a big dent.

Fear took over me. I just stood there...frozen. He looked at me with an angry expression. He soon loosened up when he noticed I was scared. His eyes filled with guilt and sorrow. "Chrissy....I-I'm sorry." He tried to grab my hands but I ran away.

He called after me, but I didn't turn around. I heard him running towards me. His footsteps grew louder. He caught up, spun me around, and pinned me against the locker. 

"I can make you feel so much better than any other guy can," Harry whispered in my ear. "Didn't you have a good time with me Saturday?" he asked. I nodded my head. I couldn't get any words out. Harry smiled. 

"Good. I'll pick you up tonight. We can hang out at my place." "But I can't. Sam is here with me," I choked out those words afraid of what he'll say next. 

Harry frowned, "Too bad. You're gonna be with me tonight." I was about to say something but I was interrupted. "Hey, get off of her!!" Sam pushed Harry off of me.

I ran to him, and he held me in his arms. "Don't push me," Harry said sternly. Sammy shook off his comment and turned to me, " alright?" "Yea," I answered him. "What did you tell her?" Sam asked Harry.

"I just told her I'm picking her up tonight," Harry replied with a smirk. "No you're not. She's gonna be with me these next two weeks. Just do her a favor and stop bothering her," I can tell Sam was starting to get mad.

Harry clenched his fists and walked towards Sam. I couldn't let him hurt Sam. I got outta his grip and walked towards Harry. Everyone was crowding around us. I'm sure they were expecting a fight, but I'm not gonna let that happen.

I grabbed his hands. He was still glaring at Sammy. I took my finger and turned his face so it was facing me. I warmly smiled at him, and his fists opened. His body relax, and  he entwined our fingers. He kissed my forehead and brought his down to mine. 

He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He opened them again, and smiled at me. His green eyes starred at me with a sparkle. I giggled and bit my lip. He put my hair behind my ear and caressed my neck. This is the side of Harry that i like. The sweet one where all you want to do is cuddle with him. Not the complete dickhead side.

"So am I gonna see you tonight?" Harry whispered. I sighed "not tonight. I need to be with Sammy. Tomorrow okay?" He sighed in agreement and kissed my cheek. I turned around and completely forgot everyone was there. Everyone had shocked expressions on. Even, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall.

I heard whispers. Some were from boys saying "How did she do that?" "Damn..she's hot." Others were from girls saying "What a slut" "Harry's so hot when he fights. How did she stop him?"  I was a little satisfied with the affect I have on Harry.

But, Harry didn't seem too happy that everyone saw him that vulnerable, "What the hell are you all looking at??!! There isn't any show?! Now get lost!!!" Harry yelled and slammed the locker again, everyone left. 

Louis came up to me, "How the hell did you do that?! No one has ever stopped Harry from getting into a fight. No one has ever calmed him like you did." I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. He relaxes when I'm with him. It makes me happy that he responds to me instead of everyone else."

Louis started smiling. "Awww....Chrissy like him," He started teasing me. My eyes widened, "What?! I do not" "Psshh...yea ok." Him and I laughed.  We all walked together to our classes the rest of the day. Sammy and the other boys got along really well. But him and Harry didn't all.

They just kept glaring like they wanted to rip each other's heads off. Anyways....after class, we all headed to lunch. I stopped at my locker and told the boys to go down without me. As I was walking into the cafeteria, Caroline, one of the popular, bitchy, slutty, girls, stopped me.

I didn't even have time to speak, she slapped me across the face!! "You bitch! what the hell?!" I screamed. "Stay away from Harry. He's mine. You think he wants YOU. Hell no. He wants to fuck and be done. So get lost. The only person he cares for is ME!!!"

"Yea...that's exactly why he wants to be with ME tonight and tomorrow. That's why I'M the only one who can calm him down. That's why he gets jealous when other guys around ME. ME not YOU. So fuck off," I yelled. 

She punched me in the face. That's it. I pounced on her. I punched her in the face 3 times. She scratched and pulled my hair. What a baby. I kicked her. And blocked some of the punches. All of sudden, a pair of hand tried to grab me off of her, but they pushed them away. 

I'm pretty sure it was Sam. I wasn't as good as a fighter as him and Harry, but I was pretty strong. But then, I felt someone pick me up with ease. He was strong. He wrapped me in his arms and I snuggled my head in his chest. I smelled his cologne and I knew who it was: Harry. 

He stroked my hair. The principal called me and Caroline into the office. Harry let go of me even though I could tell he didn't want to. 

I spent the rest of the day in the office. After we were done getting lectured about how he was disappointed, he let us go. I found the boys waiting for me, "How much detention do you have," Sammy asked. "One month. Mom and dad aren't that mad. They knew I was defending myself. But my detention starts today. So, I'll meet you back home."

He nodded and drove home. "Great.....we have detention together," smiled Harry. Ohhh yeaa. I forgot he has detention too. At least I have something to look forward too. "But...Caroline is there too." "Don't worry about her. I talked to her friends and I know why you guys were fighting. Well...someone seemed happy that I want you." Harry smiled obviously satisfied with himself.

"What? I am not happy that you want me. I'm sure you would have a much better time fucking Caroline than me," I said. Harry grabbed my hands, "Listen, she doesn't mean half as much to me as you do," It was silent and he continued, "And I'm sure you're better than she is in bed." I rolled my eyes and shook my head. But I couldn't help the smile that crept on my face.

We walked into detention together and everyone looked at us. Caroline was really mad. Harry and I sat next to each other and just talked.

When it was over, I drove home. I got there and my parents had to go to a business trip. So Sammy and I hung out. We played bowling in my bowling alley. I couldn't shake Harry out of my head. Do I like him? I cant. Can I?

Harry POV

What is she doing to me? Am I actually falling for her? I can't. I can't let any of my walls come down. I want her. That's all. No...that can't be all. I want her, but its more passionately. I actually have feelings for her?

This is completely different.. Relationships aren't really my thing. But....Christy..ughhh. I just want her for myself. Well, I guess I kinda already made that clear to her the night of that party.

But anyways, I wanted her hurt Sam so badly. But I couldn't. She would hate me so much if I did that to her best friend. And everyone saw her and I today. I loved that moment with us together. I didn't want it to end. I had to act tough though when it was over.

Did I want to? Not really. I wanted to stay with her in my arms. But anyways, I pulled up to my mansion. I live on my own. I got emancipated when i was 14. I used to fake ID and the judges believed my age was 16. How do I live in a mansion? Well...I'm a fighter. I box...but most matches are illegal. They make the most money. And...i sell drugs. Do i do them? No. Just sell them.

I can't tell that to Christy yet. What if she doesn't accept me? I have so many problems, but I can't seem to let her go. I can't wait til she comes over tomorrow. And i'm actually happy her and I have detention together. It's just her and I. Just like how i want it tomorrow night. 

I looked at my phone and saw that she texted me. I got a warm feeling in my stomach. Ughhh. God dammit!! What the hell. I replied though. We talked most of the night. I was my usual dirty self at times. She may not like it, but i know she laughs and finds it cheeky.

She told me her parents are out of town. Great, so she can sleep over. I can't wait. But I'm actually nervous. 

The next day came. I got out of my bed lazily and took a shower. I put on some skinny jeans and a plain white t. I ate some breakfast and drove to school. I saw Chrissy at her locker. I went up and leaned against the other locker that her locker door was blocking so she couldn't see me.

She closed the locker and I said, "hey." She jumped. "You scared me," she whined. It was cute. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to see you." She bit her lip. I found it very attractive. It turned me on so much. I smiled at her. We walked to class. The rest of the day went by fast. 

I'm actually learning now in class cause I actually go to class now. But i only go cause Christy's there. After school was over, we headed to detention. There was a teacher there today, so we couldn't talk.  I played footsies with her though. And then, I grabbed her thigh. 

She wasn't expecting that. Her eyes widened but she couldn't say anything or else she would get in trouble. She pushed my arms away put I brought it back. She was wearing shorts, so I trailed my hand up under it. She jumped a little and I chuckled, I messaged her thigh and she moaned.

It was so hot. She grabbed my hand from under her shorts. She held my hand so I couldn't do anything. I couldn't hep but smile.  When detention was over, she smacked my arm, "What the hell?! Why were you touching me? And in school!!" 

I laughed at her, "You loved it. Don't deny it. But I'll pick you up at 8:30 ok?" I kissed her cheek. I drove home and got everything ready.

Christy POV

I can't even lie. I did enjoy what Harry was doing to me. I'm actually excited for tonight. I rushed home and Sam made me a snack. He told me that since I was going tonight, so was he. So, no one will be home. He left already and I went to take a quick shower. 

I put on some denim shorts and A white shirt that hugged my curves well. I curled my hair and I applied some lip gloss. I took some pills again for my...problems. I've been doing really well so far. I don't eat a lot, but hopefully no one notices. 

I heard a knock at the door and I walked downstairs and opened it. I grabbed my converse and put them on. " look gorgeous," said Harry. I smiled, "Thanks. You don't look bad your self." He was wearing a white shirt, a black blazer, black skinny jeans, and white converse. 

He opened the door for me and we drove to his house. We listened to Ed Sheeran. Harry learned that he's also one of my favorite singers. We got to his house and I was amazed at how big his house is. I know he lives alone, but he won't tell me how he makes his money. 

We walked inside and in the dinning room, there was a candle lit dinner. He cooked for me. That's soo sweet. I starred at it in awe.  "Harry this is so sweet." He smiled at me and pulled the chair out for me. 

We ate spaghetti. I didn't take a lot though. Harry doesn't know about my bulimia. We talked and laughed while there was music in the background. It was all my favorite songs. Wow..I didn't know he listens that much. My favorite song ever right now, Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, came on. I love this song so much. 

"Care to dance?" Harry asked me as we stuck his hand out. I smiled and took it. We put is hand on waist, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We swayed to the music, and he sand to me in my ear.

'Kiss me like you wanna be loved.'

'Wanna be loved'

'Wanna beeee loved'

'This feels like falling in love' 

'Falling in love'

'Falling in love."

He has one of the most angelic voices ever. I could listen to him sing all say. We stopped swaying and we looked at each other. We both crashed our lips together.  We moved together with the music. Everything was perfect. The kiss was so sweet.  It was filled with passion. His lips were so soft and..tasty. His hands roamed my body, and my hands played with his curls. 

His tongue asked for entrance and I let it in. We played with each other for a while. His hands started to get lower and finally rested on my hip. We continued to kiss until the song was over. We pulled away slowly and I pulled on his bottom lip. He responded with a moan.

"Harry....I..I can't." He stopped me by kissing me again. "'s alright. Relax. Everything is fine." He kissed me some more. He gave me tiny love bites down my neck. I giggled. I was surprised with how gentle he was being. Since he was pleasuring me, I decided to go down to his neck. I kissed it lightly and began to suck on it. He moaned. 

Finally, our lips found each others again. He kissed me passionately for a long time. "lets go upstairs," Harry whispered in my ear before gently sucking on the earlobe. I was a little nervous, but i'm not sure what's gonna happen.

His eyes were full of lust. I nodded my head and he took my hand. He lead me upstairs to his room. I went first and he shut the door behind him.....

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