Can A Bad Boy Change?

My name's Christy Collins. I am 16 and from Florida. My dad got a job in England, so we moved there. I had to start at a new school. I got some attention from guys. Especially from Harry Styles and his group. Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. They were considered the "bad boys" And Harry "wants" me. Can I fall for him? Can he change for me?


1. Intro

Christy POV

I am Christy Collins. I am 16 and was born and raised in Florida. My dad got a job offering in Holmes Chapel in England. So, we need to move. Yea, I was sad about it at first. I had to leave all my friends and family behind. But, c'mon, it's England we're talking about. But anyways...I am an only child. My parents are filthy rich, but i'm not one of those spoiled rich girls. My mom and dad wanted me to learn the value of money. They have never even given me a penny. Like, literally, I never got birthday or Christmas money. So, I have been working and earning my money ever since i could walk. I don't take anything for granted.  Now, i know what you're she's perfect. But i am not. I'm just getting over my eating disorder. I had bulimia. I don't really like the way that I look. I know i know. It was stupid of me to do that. I don't think I'm very pretty. How can I? No guy has ever treated me right. Some cheated, some dated me just for money, and some even hit me. I've been trained to protect myself, so i would hurt them. But, I was just really depressed. I'm hoping for a better start in England. But anyways, I'm like medium height, not to skinny not to fat, i have brown eyes, and long straight black hair. I wear glasses, but i'm embarrassed to wear them. So, i just wear contacts. No one knows I need glasses. Hopefully, no one will find out.  Well...England should be interesting....

"Christy!!!!! Are you ready for your first day of your new school?!" My Mom asked me as she woke up. I was too tired and lazily so I said, "Noo....."  "Oh get up!" She laughed and left the room. I sighed and jumped outta bed..(more like rolled and fell off).

I took a shower and came out and brushed my teeth. I put in my contacts and went to look for clothes. I got out a pair of black skinny jeans and a black tank top. I put on a crop top over it. I put on some black eye liner and mascara. I also put on a clear shiny minty lip gloss. I let my hair down. I put on my converse and grabbed my bag. I walked downstairs and ate some toast.

I'm still trying everything i can not to go and throw everything back up. I'm doing good and being strong. I gave my dad a kiss on the cheek and grabbed my keys to my Audi. I hopped in the car and drove to school. I got out of the car and I could hear guys whistling and girls whispering. But I didn't care. I just wanted to get my schedule.

I walked into the guidance councilor's office and she handed me my schedule. She told me to go into the principal's office cuz he wanted to meet me. 

I walked in the door and Mr. Cooper was with another student, "Mr. Styles! You cannot keep this reckless behavior up!!! You have one week of detention." Styles? I dont know he's first name...laughed. "OK. One week is obviously not good enough. 3 weeks. sit right in this chair while I talk to our new student. Miss. Collins, take a seat." I sat down in the seat next to Styles. 

He was really cute. He had a full head of brown floppy curls, mesmerizing emerald green eyes that you can just fall for easily, and the cutest dimples ever. He smiled at me. Wow....he's beautiful. His smile made my heart melt. Wait..what the hell am i doing? I can't fall for him. He's trouble. I was snapped out of my trance when he spoke, "Hello love. I'm Harry Styles. And You are?" "Styles!! Don't speak. I'm talking to...." Mr. Cooper looked at me for my name "Christy. Christy Collins." Harry talked again, "So what? Am I not allowed to talk to a gorgeous girl?" He winked at me. I tried to hold a blush back and fortunately, it worked.

"What? No blushing? Most girls would," He said cockily.  "Well, i'm not like most girl," I bit back. "You're feisty," he started and walked up behind me and whispered in  my ear, "I like that." "Styles! Leave the poor girl alone," Said the principal. Harry put his hands up in surrender. 

Mr. Cooper kept talking to me, "Soo...Christy, I'm very impressed with your grades. You seem like a good girl-" "I can change that," Harry mumbled, "Styles!!! Stop it. Leave her alone. I do not need guys like you corrupting the mind of this young lade. She is good, bright, and smart. We are grateful to have her at our school. DON'T mess it up." 

Harry laughed, "Mr. Cooper, when are you gonna learn that I don't even need to try to mess things up? It happens anyways." Mr. Cooper rolled his eyes while I just sat there awkwardly. "Both of you, of to class. You have your 1st lesson together." I sighed and Harry and I walked out of the office.  I tried walking away from him but he grabbed my hand. 

"Let me see your schedule." "Is that an order?" I said annoyed "I can make it one." I made a disgust face and turned around. He then grabbed my schedule out of my BACK pocket. "Hey! Give that back!" He laughed as cause he was taller than me. He read my schedule. "Great. We have most classes together.....not that i go to them..but now i have a reason too." He winked at me and we continued walking.

We walked into class and the teacher looked disappointed in Harry. "Late again Harry." "Yupp. I am ready to learn Ms. H." "Haha. Very funny. Go take your seat Harry." Harry walked to the back where 4 more guys were. The seat next to them was taken. "Get out" Harry said. The boy that was in the seat got up aggravated, and took a different seat. He gave Harry a death glare. What's the deal with Harry around here? 

The teacher started talking, "Everyone. We have a new student. Call me Ms. H and please introduce yourself." She sat at her desk. and I stood there. "Umm...ok? My name's Christy Collins. I'm 16 and from Florida. I moved here cause my dad got a job offer here. He's the CEO of the Apple company. My family is...pretty rich, but I'm not a spoiled brat or anything. I get good grades. I've gotten into one fight at my old school and I got into a lot of trouble for it. I try to stay away form trouble now. I really miss my friends and family. But an only child too. Thats about it"  "Thank you. Why don't you take a seat somewhere."

I looked around for a seat. Harry told the guy sitting next to him to move. "Christy. Sit here."  I was tired of his orders. "I'd rather not." Guys started "Ohhhh"ing and girls started whispering and looking at me like I'm crazy. Wtf?!  I walked up to the empty sit next to the first boy Harry made move.

"Is this seat taken?" "Noope. My name's Christian." He smiled at me and I took a seat. He was actually kind of cute. he had dark black hair and brown eyes. I shook his hand and we talked the rest of the period. It was more of a study hall in that class cuz the teacher had to go to a meeting.  Harry came up to talk to me, "Christian. Move. I'm talking to her now." 

I rolled my eyes. But to my surprise, Christian didn't move. "No," he said. Harry didn't this. He deeply chuckled, "what? You're not moving?" "You heard me," Christan said. Harry's jaw tensed. "move," he sternly said. "Christian got up. Everyone was crowded around them. "Make me," said Christian. Harry's eyes filled with complete darkness. His beautiful green eyes are now dark black and full with anger. He was quite scary like that. 

I saw him clench his fist. I knew where this was going. i gulped as i saw Harry swing and his fist connected with Christian's face. My eyes widened.  I already saw blood on his lip. Christian tried to swing but Harry punched him in the stomach He finally got his balance and they were full on fighting now. But Harry was winning. Blood was everywhere. I;ve never seen someone fight so good and intense like that. Christian finally punched Harry in the face....twice. But Harry was a lot stronger. He got back up and punched like crazy. He was skilled. He knew how to block every punch that was thrown at him. 

I couldn't take it anymore. "Harry!!! HARRY STOP!!! YOU'RE HURTING HIM!!!!!"  I tried pulling him off but Harry was too strong. it was no use. It's like when he's fighting, no one can stop him unless he's finished. Then I did something drastic. I got down in front of where Christian was, so when harry threw the next punch, it would hit me.He went in for another punch. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't see, but he never hit me. I opened my eyes and Harry was there, arms by his side thinking of what he should do. His eyes were returning his normal green color. he was coming outta the horrible state he was in.

"Christy..move," "Harry...stop it. If you wanna hurt him, you're going to have to hurt me too." "....I would never hurt you.." he whispered and mumbled so no one could hear. But i heard him, even tho i know he didn't want me too. He helped me up  and the teacher walked in the room. She sent Harry to the principal's office and someone helped Christian to the nurse. No one dared go near Harry. No wonder why everyone is so afraid of him. I'M afraid of him. All the other girls were drooling over him though.  Harry was smiling. Does he enjoy getting in trouble?!

The rest of the day went by. I had the last lunch wave and after that, one more lesson and then I can go home.  I walked into the lunch room and Harry was with the 4 other boys he was with earlier. Harry grabbed my hand to come with him. I was scarred at first. I gave in cause I didn't have any friends yet. he introduced me to everyone.

"Chrissy...this is Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis." "Chrissy?" I questioned. "Yea. it's my nickname for you," he winked and I rolled my eyes. "So are all you trouble makers too?" I asked. "Yes,' smirked Zayn. "But not as bad as Harry. He's the one everyone fears," said Niall. "Liam is the good boy of the group though. He keeps us together," said Louis. I smiled at Liam. They seem nice...I hope. "Nice to meet you," said Liam. I shook their hands.

"So how many weeks of detention did you get," I asked Harry. "two months," he laughed, "how can you be okay with that?" " Easy, just don't give a fuck about it. You only live once, right? Make the most of it." I nodded my head, "You live the yolo way, i see." He laughed. I didn't bother asking him about the fight earlier. I was scared to bring it up.

"'s friday night and there's this party going on tonight at a friend's house. You wanna come?" asked Liam. I wasn't really a party person but I wanted to try something different. "Sure." They gave me the address and the bell rang. It turns out that we all have the last period together, which was an actual study hall. 

After study hall i was walking to my car, when i pair of hands wrapped around my waist, "Can't wait to see you tonight beautiful." I knew it was Harry. he kissed my neck twice then said, "Wear something sexy." He left and I watched him walk off to his car. He turned back around and winked at me. I accidentally let a small smile escape my lips. God damn it!

I drove home, got all my homework done, and started cooking dinner. My mom and Dad were still at work. I made some pasta and garlic bread. I love Italian food. My parents came home. My dad kissed my head. We all sat down and ate dinner. They asked me about my day and I told them everything. Except for the the part where Harry almost killed someone. I asked them if I could do to the party and they let me go. They're cool parents.

I showered and put on a short black dress. it hugged my body but it wasn't too tight, so I didn't look like a slut. I put on my makeup and some red heels. I curled my hair. I actually felt pretty....a little..sort of..ughh stupid insecurities and bulimia. I grabbed my keys and left. I drove up to the house..well more like mansion....i walked inside and it reeked of alcohol. I tried looking for the boys but I couldn't find them yet.

I finally found them. They were all drunk except for Liam and Harry. Harry normally gets drunk I hear, but I guess he cut back on the drinking for tonight. We talked for hours. I was actually having a good time. I could a lot of stares from guys. Harry Looked like he was gonna kill them. Girls looked at me like they were gonna pounce on me soon. I swear to god though, i will kick their ass if they try anything.

Eventually the boys left to get another drink. While they were gone, I found Christian. "Hey," he said to me. "Hey. I'm sorry Harry did that to you." "It's fine. I'm not getting in a fight with him anymore though." I laughed. "Wanna dance?" he asked me. "Sure." He grabbed my hands and we danced together. I felt someones eyes starring into us. I looked and Harry was leaning against the threshold. Angry and jealousy was written all over his face. He finished his drink and made his way over to us. My heart was racing. I didn't want a repeat of this morning. 

"Get lost!" He told Christian "Or else what?" said Christian. Harry smirked, "Or else I'll break you again when she's not here to stop it," he pointed to me. Christian looked scared. He didn't want to say anything. "Listen closely," Harry began, "Don't talk to Christy, don't touch her, and don't even look at her." Christian just walked off. I was too scared to say anything.

Harry smiled, "Dance with me." He grabbed my waist and pulled me close. I was trembling with fear. "Relax Chrissy.....You look reeeaally hot tonight," he told me. He started to kiss down my neck. "Mhmm.." I said. My fear started to take over with pleasure. But I soon snapped out of it. I pushed away and Harry smiled. He's obviously not use to a girl not throwing herself at him. I think he likes my hard to get ways.  

He came closer to me as I backed away. I finally reached the wall and he was pinned up against me. He went down to my ear, "You.....are mine." "W-what?" I said. He repeated himself, "You're mine. I will never let another man touch you. You'll be safe with me. You..are....mine."

Author's note* Heyy lovelies!!!'s my new story. This chapter is really long I know :/ but hopefully you like it. Please read, favorite it, comment and tell me what you think :D 

~Alyssa Xx

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