Never the Same

Scarlett and her bff Rose both like One Direction. When a chance to meet and go on tour with them Rose can't pass up the chance. The only problem's a singing contest and she can't sing. Find out how Scarlett gets caught up in all this and what Rose will do in my first fan fiction, Never the Same.


2. Chapter 2


{rose pov} I ran down the street and down to Scarlett's house, which wasn't that far. I banged on the door but no one answered so I grabbed my phone and called scarlett %Scarlett     #Rose %Hello? #Open your front door %Ok? #Hurry! Scarlett finally opened the door and I ran inside. I grabbed her radio remote and turned it on. "Come over here and listen." I shouted as I saw her with a box of donuts  "Ok I'm coming" she said and sat beside me on the couch We listened them they said the said the winners of the singing contest. "Third place is Lyndia Smith. Second Place is Amber Brown. Now the first place winner gets to go on tour with One Direction. Our First place winner is.........Scarlett Davis." The announcer said "You won." I screamed and hugged her tightly   {Scarlett POV} I heard my name called out on the radio and I almost fainted "Rose, did you enter me in that contest?" I asked calmly, already knowing the answer "Yes, now you can go on your with One Direction" she screamed  I stood up and ran around the house screaming," I'm going on tour with one direction!!!" Rose and I got in the car and drove to the radio station building. We walked in and right infront of us was One Direction.
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