Never the Same

Scarlett and her bff Rose both like One Direction. When a chance to meet and go on tour with them Rose can't pass up the chance. The only problem's a singing contest and she can't sing. Find out how Scarlett gets caught up in all this and what Rose will do in my first fan fiction, Never the Same.


1. Chapter 1


{scarlett pov} i picked up my phone and texed Rose *me $rose *hey besty $hi *want 2 go 2 the mall? $i can't go an important thing *......ok then, bye i put up my phone and watched American Idol.   {rose pov} i breathed a sigh of relief when scarlett didnt text me back. i know it sounds bad that i'm saying that but i'm doing it for a good reason. This week, on the radio, theres a sining contest, Whoever wins gets to go on tour with One Direction but i can't sing good. So i entered Scarlett instead.   {unknown pov} "Scarlette might win this." i said to my mates as we listened to a girl named Scarlette sing. "but i dont know, this other girl might win." one of them said "Your wrong, as normal. You just like the picture of the girl that came with the CD." i said laughing "You might be right but i'm not admitting defeat."He said       Arthur's Notes Hey everyone! Thanks for reading my story. I know it's short but i plan on making it longer. Just Comment below and tell me what you think. 
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