Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


4. Theater With Strangers

As Niall and i walked down the hall to Mr. Johnsons class i was jittery. We got to the class right when the bell rang. Niall walked in and pulled me in with him. Mr. Johnson looked up "Niall your late and whose this?" he  says looking me up and down. "This is Melissa." I look at Mr. Johnson. "Ah i see Ms. Rose please come to the front of the room. I slowly walk to the front of the room. Niall takes his seat.  Mr. Johnson begins. "Well we have our new girl here today this is Melissa Rose, We will take the time by raising our hands and asking questions about her to find out more about her." He smiles too me and sits down all the hands in the class shoot up. I point at a young girl with black hair at the front of the room wearing a see-through purple shirt with a white tanktop underneath she wore black skinny jeans with holes ripped in them and some vans. "Yes?" she smiles "Do you have a best friend? and if not you want to be mine." I smile faintly "No i dont have a bestfriend. but sure" She does an air pump and sits down again. Then i point to the boy i ran into earlier. "Yes?" He stands up "Do you have a boyfriend?" I laugh and Mr. Johnson stands up "Lets keep this appropiate Liam." oh so that was his name.I Laugh again "No i dont." I point to Niall He stands up munching on a sandwhich "Do you know your beautiful?" i look at myself. "I dont know that cuz im not." he sits down slowly not taking his eyes off of me. i poing to a dark haired boy in the back. "Yes?" he stands up "Why do you not think your beautiful?" "Because i dont." i point to a girl. Finally the bell for second period rings. i grab my bag and find Niall. Liam is suddenly wawkling by me again. "Whats your next class Niall? Home ec." "Oh cool." "I have art." Liam smiles "So do i ill take you to it." I shrug "ok sure" Hours later Lunch is finally here. I walk by myself to lunch and grab a tray. When i walk into the middle of the courtyard i cant find anyone to sit by so i find a tree and sit down underneath it. i watch all the other kids talking and laughing. I hear a russle beside me and i see Niall sitting down. "Hey there Mel" "Hey." then he looks up and summons some boys over to us. "I see three boys walk over and sit down." From the oppisite direction came that same dark haired girl scampering toward me. She sat down and smiled "So whats up?" "Not much...whats your name?" "My names Michaela." i smiled "Oh cool. i didnt catch your name ealier." Niall tapped me and i turned. "So this is ZAyn." he points to the same dark haired boy that was in my theater class. i nodd. Then he continues. "This is Louis the odd one. this is Harry the flirt, This is Liam you already know him, and theres me the sexy beast" he winks, i burst out laughing falling backward clutching my stomach. Michaela was giggling across from me, "Hunny i hope you know no one thinks that." He winks "Well you do." he leans in and kisses her. "AHHH MY EYES!!!!" Louis laughs falling backward. i continue laughing harder. Finally when i was as red as a cherry i sat up. giggling.  Zayn was on the ground along with the others laughing and Liam was chuckling and watching me.As soon as i looked at him he blushed and looked away. Michaela said she'd be back and got up holding Nialls hand left. I watched when i turned back everyone was watching me..."So *Cough* sup?" Liam smiles. "Very complex question?" i smile "Why is everyone watching me?" Zayn coughs and they all look away. "Wow thanks" The bell rings and were all off to class again.

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