Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


10. Promise?

My first instinct when i get inside in the shelter from the eyes is to go straight to the bathrooms.i walk in and have no clue what i should do. i walk to the mirror and look at myself peering through the mirror i made sure all the stalls were empty. I walk across the bathrom and lean my back against the wall... i slide down it until im sitting on the floor i look around. closing my eyes i lean my hand back against the wall...I here foot steps and the door open the shut. i open my eyes and Nialls standing there, "Hey are you ok mel?" i blinked intaking the sight... "Dude you do realize your in the girls bathrom asking a girl if shes alright..." He nods i burst out laughing. looking around he speaks "Wow its cleaner in here than the boys room.." "Im fine Niall thanks for asking." he comes and sits down next to me "Well lil sis weve got to learn to take care of eachother right?" i smile "Right." he leans his head back "Hey Nialler..." with out opening his eyes he replies, "Yeah?" I pause  Do you promise to tell me everything?" "He openes his eyes and looks at me... "Of course id never let anything bad happen to you id tell you anything too...i promise.." i close my eyes and lean my head back "Thank you..." he smiles and grabs my hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze. "Come on.." he drags me to my feet and drags me outside again. Everyones back to there normal chatting. i flip my fair over my shoulder while niall basically drags me back to the boys. once we got over there Niallsat down and just layed there motionless. Liam was no where in sight. i question his disappearence,Zayn shrugs he left when you went into the building he left school grounds....the only thought flitering through my mind How bad did i hurt him???



Its been nearly two weeks and Zayn and i are super close i like him:) Liam hasnt showed up to school at all either, I decided to walk to his house.. i got the address from Niall. It was about seven miles from my house. i walked there straight after school. i dropped my bag off first and headed there. it was taking a long while i texted Niall, Im around the fifth mile. He replied with a.. Do you want me to pick ou up and take you there? No im fine i was starting to get dark so i picked up my pace, i felt like someone was following me.i stopped in my tracks and looked back. No one was there, i turned back around and continued walking.i felt very uncomfortable like someone was behind me and watching me, i glanced behind me and saw a shadow of a man...i picked up my pace and so did he.i turned around and he was standing in the middle of a light...i backed up slowly he started walking toward me fast smiling like a phyco. I turned and shot off in a sprint...good thing i did crosscountry...i continued sprinting not looking back i looked back to see he was following but quite a ways away. i tripped over a stick and fell i rolled and my arm started bleeding and i had a scratch across my face,i picked myself up and in that time he got super close to me.i turned and ran taking a sharp left turn getting closer to liams house i was a few streets away. I was breathing hard. it was dark out. The guy was on my tail and i was limping. there was no way out of this one....

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