Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


3. PinkPanthers Academy.

I woke up the next morning and remembered id have the whole house to myself for a month. i walked groggily to the bathroom and look at my full body complextion i glared at myself disgusted why couldnt i be pretty? Everyone thibnks i am. My family says "Your so pretty." then my elders say "I bet boys are chasing after you already." then theres boys "Poke it with a stick see if it moves." thats what it feel like half the time. I trudge over to the shower and slid my clothes off. I get in. About ten minutes later i wrap a towel around me and step out. the cold air hits my bare skin sending shivers down my spine. i run to my room and into my closet. I stood there shivering. i finally pulled on my underwear and bra and decided on a pair of black sweat pants, and white tanktop, with converse's. i walked back into the bathroom and hung the towel back up. i walked over to the mirror above the sink and brushed my teeth. spitting into the sink i look back up smiling to make sure i got everything. When my braces caught the light. i closed my mouth i though no one would except me cuz i had braces. I glared at my reflection one last time. and left the bathroom i flipped back my straight hair. grabbing my bad i locked the door and headed down oak dr. at the end i turned left and  walked for about twenty minutes. till i got to a huge sign that read. "PINK PANTHERS ACADEMY." underneath it in mch smaller pink words it read "HOME OF THE TALENTED." i Just gave it a simple look and turned into the wide rimmed iron gates onto campus. automatically all eyes were on me. i swept my gaze across the groyunds i lowered my head and walked down the path. i felt so uncomfortible i walked down the path. "Whoa!" i turned to see who said that and i ran into a boy. turning i bent down to pick up my schedule and looked up to see a boy with a buzzcut and arrow tattoo down his arm. he ws smiling. "I-Im sorry." i stuttered. He smiled again. "Its perfectly fine mate it was me who ran into you i didnt see you there." he coughed relizing i wasnt gunna say anything. He paused and coughed "So uhm whats your first class?" i looked down at my paper. "Theater with...Mr. Johnson." i look up at him hes smiling and his eyes are bright. "Cool i have that class too!" he takes my paper and looks at it. "In fact i have all these classes with you" i smile "Cool" "Yeah so want me to take yopu to your first class?" i shrugh "Uhm no i can manage." he shrugs and hes gone in the crowd.  The first bell rings and i suddenly regret not having that boy take me to my class. The courtyard quickly clears out and as the last kids scramble inside i get shoved to the ground. turning around i look up at a Blonde boy with wide round eyes. I glared at him. he looked kind of frightened by me. i stood up and dustred myself off. "I-Im so sorry Melissa!" i looked at him and relised it was Niall. I smiled "hi niall sorry thought you where someone else." he shrugs it off "Its fine yuo gave me quit a fright though." i laugh "Sorry 'bout that" he eases up "Its fine. whats your first class?" "Its theater with mr. johnson." He smiles brightly "Ill take you there thats my first class anyway." I smile and were off toward the first class of the day.

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