Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


8. I Cant believe he did that....

I sat outside in my yard watching Niall and Liam drive off. Liam looked so ashmed..i cant believe he actually did that he kissed me....he was the footballs teams courterback anyone would be happy to get a kiss from him...i sat there staring off into space....The door opened and Michaela walked out and sat next to me..."So he kissed you?" i look at her not sure how im suppose to feel "Yeah he just looked into my eyes and leaned in and kissed me!" She pulled me in my head was on her chest she hung a blanket around me..."Im sorry dear...i bet your all confused now.." I softly murmur a yes and she hugs me "Its ok..i mean hes totally got the hots for you." i sit up "Does not!" She smiles devilishly.."Does too.." She squeezes me close and we walk inside. we start the movie paranormal activity and make popcorn were sitting there quietly watching it..theres a know a the door we jump and scream. i laugh and squeeze her hand i get up and walk to the door. I open in to my suprise its Liam and Niall at like ten o' clock at night. "come in guys.." They walk in. the take off there stuff and Liams avoiding all eye contact with me. he doesnt even speak. I pull him aside and he looks at the ground. "Its fine Liam you didnt mean too." He looks at me.."Im so sorry Melissa..." "Its fine i said it was.." i kiss his cheek and i grab his hand and walk to the couch. we sit down on it. After paranormal activity we put in the second one by then its one o' clock in the morning. Niall and Michaela were cuddling fast asleep upstairs. Liams laying on his side watchi8ng the movie were half way through it when i get tired i crawl across the couch and lay on the edge next to him he looks at me and back at the screen. I flipped over and curled into his stomach....I close my eyes but he shifts to where hes facing the ceiling and still watching the movie i change position agaon and lay my head on his soon as he thinks im asleep he puts his arm around me and kisses my head. he shuts off the movie and closes his eyes...The lights turned off. and i kissed his cheek... maybe he really did love me. I cant believe hed actually do this.

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