Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


12. Hospital patient

When i awoke i was in the hospital i tried to sit up but Niall pushed me back down gently. He had tear streaks on his face.I promised i wouldnt let anyone hurt so sorry. another tear streaked down his face. i grab his hand and give it a weak squeeze Niall its not your fault. I sat up slowly. all that they had done was wrap bandages around my breasts so no one could see them becasue my wounds had to have healing. i got up and pulled back the covers i had on white shorts so they could work on my leg. around my left knee was a huge band supporting a metal brace, i stood up and winced, My leg was somewhat still numb, i walked over to a mirror and looked i had stiches all down my right side, i turned around i had some bandages on my back where it got tore open, i blinked turned back around and looked at my face i had a bandage on my cheek. a nurse walked in "Ms. Rose you have a few visitors." i nod. she hands me some crutches and i walk/ waddle out of the room. Out in the waiting room sits half the schol holding flowers and balloons. I blink "I must be dreaming." Niall squeezes my hand nope. Michaela walks up and hugs me gently. "Love ya! and dont scare me ever again!" i smile "Thanks i love ya too." Everyone looks at me and gets up they walk toward me smiling. They hug me one by one the girls kiss my cheek and hand me a rose or a teddy bear then they smile say "Get well." then they leave along with everyine else the boys give me a reassuring squeeze and leave once they gave me flowers or balloons. once its cleared we waddle back to my room where the boys wait. Liam is asleep in a chair and Zayn sits beside my bed, Harry is onthe floor and Louis has carrots in his lap munching out. I waddle to my bed and lay down propping myself against the pillows, The doctor comes in and says in free to leave in a day. I smile "Thanks" Michaela walks over. "Well im not leaving until you come out with me so make some room." i scoot over and she plops down next to me. Shes showing me text messages while the boys leave. We sat there the whole night wide awak watching youtube videos and everything. we ordered a pizza and he came in and gave it to us.he also gave us a discount becasue i was hurt, we laughed and started a burping contest. We laughed i looked at her big brown eyes and smiled she was so pretty i want to be like her. her smile brace free she wasnt a braceface like i was. i sighed she let out a yawn and fell asleep. i watched her for a while. i smiled and turned over slowly. i felt like i got hit by a bus. i closed my eyes and fell asleep...

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